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Ferrari’s New Livery Combines Its Usual Red With Some Retro Burgundy

Alright, we know the Ferrari launch was never going to deliver the biggest shock factor. Chances were it was going to be red, just like most of the cars that had come before it. Still, this new 2021 livery has actually got a few differences, including a touch of burgundy to pay tribute to their strong heritage.

You’ll remember during the Tuscan Grand Prix at Mugello, Ferrari ran a special retro burgundy livery to celebrate their 1000th GP. Honouring the first livery seen on a Ferrari racing car during the 1950 Monaco Grand Prix, it was well received and has now the colour has made a permanent addition to the SF21 in 2021.

Blending from the traditional red into the burgundy at the back of the car, it actually looks pretty slick and makes a change from the normal design we see on the car year after year.

There is also a now green – we don’t know why they’ve made it green either – Mission Winnow sticker on the engine cover.



What do you think of this new take on a Ferrari livery?

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12 thoughts on “Ferrari’s New Livery Combines Its Usual Red With Some Retro Burgundy

  • Benjamin Liebich says:

    Wow that green M just hurts my eyes! What “genious” in the marketing department came up with that idea and why has he not been fired yet?

  • Phillip Watters says:

    I love the font they used for the number as well as the burgundy fade. The green certainly clashes with the red though.

  • Steven Bremer says:

    In looking at the MWN website I do not see that green is a primary branding color and I find it odd that Ferrari chose it for the logo. Will good old St. Nick be driving the car this year?

  • Rocky Di Gianni says:

    It’s ok, I expected much better, the green logo is not a good colour combo with this livery, and the retro burgundy is odd looking, the nose redesign is much better but it still looks weird, bring back the bright red glossy scarlet red car. Best looking F1 car this year is the Aston Martin.

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