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FIA Release Statement After Drivers Slam ‘Unacceptable’ Vehicle On Track During Japanese GP

It’s been the big talking point of the red-flagged Japanese Grand Prix. Drivers were passing a recovery vehicle on track under very wet conditions. With the natural frustrations from both fans and drivers, the FIA have released a statement on the issue.

“The Safety Car had been deployed and the race neutralised. Car 10, which had collected damage and pitted behind the Safety Car, was driving at high speed to catch up to the field.

“As conditions were deteriorating, the Red Flag was shown before Car 10 passed the location of the incident where it had been damaged the previous lap.”

Pierre Gasly is one driver who was absolutely furious at the situation.

“God – what the? – what is this tractor?” he yelled on the team radio. “What is this tractor on track?

“I passed next to it. This is unacceptable! What has happened? I can’t believe this…”

But it’s Gasly who’s under investigation – stewards want to see him after the race for allegedly driving too fast given the red flag conditions.

Both Sebastian Vettel and Sergio Perez commented on the vehicle too.

Now we’ll have to wait and see what the FIA will do next.

At the time of publication, we’re still under red flag conditions as rain continues to fall.

9 thoughts on “FIA Release Statement After Drivers Slam ‘Unacceptable’ Vehicle On Track During Japanese GP

  • Ghandhi Thamthiwat says:

    Ok so Pierre is under investigation for FIA deploying a tractor when all the car are not in the pit after a red flag.

  • Stephen Locker says:

    Gasly should have been driving slower before the point where the recovery vehicle was because there was double yellows being shown.

  • Roxanne Lyson says:

    All these people talking about Gasly should have going slower when he passed it but completely ignore all the other cars who passed while behind the safety car so they had to be driving slowly.

  • Ruud Schmitz says:

    There are always things in life that are ‘by the book’ but not safe, or safe enough in every thinkable or even unimaginable situation that occurs after all. That just means that part of the book needs to be re-written. It does not mean it is somebody’s personal error.
    But driving like a madman in a red flag situation definitely is poor judgement, so I think the fact that Pièrre is under investigation is justified.

  • If the Tractor was not on track , Gasly’s speed would never have been an issue , the fact is that no tractor/recovery vehicle should be on the track until all cars are back in the pits…

  • Sort of reminds me of the “ANY” meaning “ALL” Abu Dhabi fiasco….FIA forever covering up their mess-ups…..

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