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FIA Share First-Ever 24-Race Calendar For The 2023 F1 Season

The 2023 F1 calendar is HERE! The FIA have shared a 24-race calendar for next season, which the World Motor Sport Council has approved, and we’ll be racing at plenty of familiar venues next year 👀

We all knew to expect Las Vegas in November, but it might be a surprise that there’s still no South Africa on the shared provisional calendar.

The championship will also be returning to venues such as Monaco and Spa, which saw their contracts expire this season and have had a big question mark over its future on the calendar.

Qatar is also back, with the 2023 race being the start of the country’s ten-year deal with F1 last year. China is also making its comeback, with the circuit being absent from the calendar since the start of the pandemic.

Are 24 races too many in a season? Let us know in the comments below.

19 thoughts on “FIA Share First-Ever 24-Race Calendar For The 2023 F1 Season

  • Why does it say Miami (USA), Las Vegas (USA) and then USA (USA). Should be Austin (USA)

    This is great the F1 23 game will have a lot of choices.

  • It actually is no surprise South-Africa isn’t there, just look at the state the country. Did anyone really expect a country that struggles to supply anything including electricity to it’s people to host an F1 race?

    • bhargav pavuluri says:

      RSA has the infrastructure funds and ability to host an F1 race. As for their internal issues, they are improving every year. Having F1 race will improve their tourism

    • coming from a south african the electricity is being shut down for 4 hours a day as of now lol but will return to normal in 3 weeks or so but the real problem is actually the time not really money but still a small amount of money it needs to be top tier ready for racing here

    • So they can’t really put Miami later in the Calendar due to the Dolphins will be playing during that part of the year and they’re basically using the Dolphins stadium parking lot for the race track.

      But they could have at least grouped USA GP (TX) and Vegas GP together which is surprising that they did at least grouped those 2 races together.

      • Vegas has to be in Nov. when there is the least amount of football and conventions. They have to shut the city down for the race so that is just about the only day it can be done. It’s Sat too so that tells you the city was insisting it doesn’t conflict with any potential football

        I don’t see any problems with the calendar

        • See, Americans never look at GLOBES.
          We use US centralized maps, flattened and distorted, with an ENORMOUS Greenland.
          And on THAT cartographic kaleidoscope its not quite clear that nearly the ENTIRETY of the South American continent is EAST of North America.

  • First of all, 24 is too much, 22 is more than enough. Second, in what universe is this schedule working towards a carbon neutral footprint? This schedule is just ridiculous.

  • So, has anyone in F1 been to Las Vegas?!?
    People thought the viewing at Monza sucked…

    I may be the only one, but can we trade Las Vegas for Turkey?
    After the fan experience this year, a massive camp site and some reasonable outhouses couldnt be worse, and it was a banger of a race.

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