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FIA Stewards Didn’t Have Verstappen’s Front Onboard When Deciding Hamilton Incident

When Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen went wheel-to-wheel during that race, we had our hearts in our mouths. Let’s be honest, with the way things have gone recently on track between the two title rivals, we had a right to be a little nervous πŸ˜… It was decided that no investigation was necessary, but FIA Race Director Michael Masi has revealed they made the decision without Max’s front onboard camera.

Although TV Direction showed Hamilton’s onboard of the close call, all we could see was the rearview camera of Verstappen’s car.

Talking to The Race after the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Masi admitted the stewards “didn’t have access” to the front onboard camera to Verstappen’s Red Bull when it came to making their decision.

“It hasn’t been obtained, but it’s been requested,” Masi continued. “That will be downloaded, and we’ll have a look at them.”

After the incident unfolded, both teams were quick to get on to Masi and make their case, but in the end, it was decided that no investigation was needed. Hamilton even said after the race that he knew that it wouldn’t be looked at as soon as the event occurred.

With the stewards not investigating the matter further, they also wouldn’t have reviewed any data from Max’s car showing the steering inputs, entry speed or braking point.

Hamilton eventually made the pass on Verstappen and went on to win the race, having started 10th on the grid. The incident has split the opinion of fans, with some saying it was hard racing and those that think it’s inconsistent with other penalties the FIA have issued over the season.

“I disagree that it’s inconsistent,” Masi explained. “You have a look at it, and as I’ve said many times before, you judge the incident on its merits, and you have a look at all of it.

“And let’s not forget we have the overall ‘let them race’ principles, and looking at it with all of the angles that we had available, it was that philosophy that was adopted.”

Do you agree with the decision made by the stewards? Let us know in the comments.

29 thoughts on “FIA Stewards Didn’t Have Verstappen’s Front Onboard When Deciding Hamilton Incident

  • β€ž Do you agree with the decision made by the stewards? Let us know in the comments.β€œ

    Hoe could I comment, as I have seen the onbosrd as well as read the rules. Seems like I have an unfair advantage compared to the steward

  • I agree with the stewards, from what I’ve seen at least. Both drivers brake as late as possible and make a dive into the corner. Being side by side, they both go wide. Verstappen’s defending is on the limit of what I would allow, though. If any deliberate move to make contact would happen at that point, I’d whip out the 5 second time penalty.

    Consistent or inconsistent, I do not like the idea of every single move on track being scrutinized and penalized. If a calculated but risky move is guaranteed to land you a penalty, it will mean the end of wheel to wheel racing.

    • Except that Lewis clearly would have made the corner (pause when they are mid way through corner and compare direction of the cars) if he didn’t have to evade Max. So saying they both ran wide is disingenuous when one drivers actions caused the other to do that out of necessity

      • Yeah, good point. I took another look at the footage and on further review I believe Lewis would have made that corner. He had to take evasive manoeuvres to avoid a collision. It’s the nature of turn 4 on the track, though. Drivers ran wide there all weekend, even when they were driving on the racing line. Max was on the inside going into the corner, and being on the dirty part of the track (on hard tyres) he was never going to make it. The best decision would be to yield and let Lewis by. A time penalty wouldn’t be inappropriate.

        Still, I’m glad Lewis overtook Max on pure merit later in the race. I’m still a big fan of hard, but fair racing.

      • Agree, Lewis would’ve made the corner if Verstappen hadn’t verstappened him. 5 sec penalty, end of. Wonder why we’ve not seen the on board footage yet?

    • Was MV able to complete that corner inside the track? No. Indeed, MV brakes so late /understeers so massively that he goes completely off the track, by a rather large magin.
      The point here is not “let them race”, but whether a Silverstone or a Monza shenanigan will happen again and this time have much more severe consequences…
      Ps: just for curiosity I would love to hear your assessment of the incident at Silverstone, fanboi.

  • George Paraiwa says:

    It’s a different treatment for Lewis all the time . Max gets away with murder . Obviously they want him to win the title this year to stop Hamilton getting his 8th . It a joke Masi needs to be replaced !!

  • Erlend Johan Alvestad says:

    As an isolated incident, it looks like Verstappen’s primary intent was to outbreak Hamilton, not run him off track. One piece of evidence for this is that Verstappen himself went off track, which (speculation aside) should be assumed to be unintentional. Following this line of logic, there was no intent to cause a dangerous situation.

    As for the result, Verstappen only retained his lead. As far as I know, the only “advantage gain” that nets a penalty is gaining a place, which didn’t happen here.

    • I believe others have been penalised in the past for gaining an advantage of increased gap to car behind by going off the track and using the run off at full throttle…

    • Verstappen tends to lunge into corners when going wheel to wheel banking on the other guy yielding. When they don’t you get a Silverstone incident. Verstappen knew he had no chance of making the corner and if Hamilton didn’t have a sixth sense for avoiding collisions they would have come together. I would be surprised if Verstappen isn’t sanctioned.

  • LH was ahead arriving at the corner, MV braked too late, missed the apex, exceeded track limits, forced LH off the track and in doing so retained his position.

    He gained an advantage by leaving the track – yield position or 5 sec penalty.

    Slam dunk!!!

  • Crash-stappen deserve 5 – 10 secs penalty , you ve to be blind to think otherwise 🀣πŸ€ͺ🀣πŸ€ͺ

  • Andre Fernandes says:

    Both (HAM & VER) are running in another category. Even Perez or Bottas are way far from them. Let them race.

    But, If it was Occon, Lando, Kimi or Strol, for sure they will get 5-10 seconds penalty.

  • Gareth James Strachan says:

    As much as anything, MV probably came off the brake a bit sooner to stay ahead and understeered off (Driver61 did a good analysis vid on this). Doesn’t mean MV deliberately drove S’lewis off but he clearly drove him off through this mistake (because they were nowhere near the track halfway round and S’Lewis had to steer away from MV to avoid contact, which would explain why they didn’t crash).

  • Surely the big question is WHY didn’t RB release Max’s onboard footage? I wouldn’t like to presume they have something to hide, but… πŸ€”

  • Verstappen got to verstappen someone again without penalty. He verstappened Bottas on lap 1 going into turn 1. Sick of Red Bull saying ” Let them race” after Verstappen has verstappened again.

  • The Buck stops there Masi. You are not running a tight ship. Prior to qualification and the race you did everything to take the race from Hamiltons grasp. You failed miserably and the decision not to investigate Verstappen having forced Hamilton off of the road to such an extent he was 20 yards off the track himself. All 4 wheels were over the line and V caused it. You should resign with immediate effect along with the all the Stewards. Ask yourself this, how is it Hamilton passed the whole grid without issue until he got to V. OR

    Perhaps the grid allowed that to happen telling you and the Stewards that you are doing a crap job


  • If Max had stayed on the track that would be a justifiable defensive move. Just as Lewis was in Bahrain. The question in what are they going to do when they review Max’s onboard? It is OBVIOUS that Max ran Lewis off the road. He should have just given back the place because. Max by pushing Lewis off has gained a lasting advantage because he has not lost the position as he should have. If they had been gravel instead of run off, those cars would have been beached and game over. It seems that Max knows that because he has the points advantage so he’s not afraid to DNF. I won’t be surprised if he is leading by Abu Dhabi he WILL crush into Lewis on purpose. Lewis has avoided crashing when he was leading on points but not Max. He smells of entitlement.

  • If the onboard footage is released of Max, and is deems to push Lewis off the track. Mercedes should push for a penalty in the next race. Maybe 5 place grid drop

  • Verstappen will be in trouble here. It would have suited him for both cars to be retired and that was how he drove. Once the FIA are forced to analyse Verstappen’s driver inputs I would wager they will be forced to sanction him.

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