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The Final Few Laps To The World Championship Were Unbelievably Tense

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix started off like any other Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. It was dull, lifeless, and filled with shots of the scenery and disinterested celebrities. The only thing worth talking about was how terrible a venue it is for the last race of the season.

But then, something started happening. Vettel somehow got himself onto a strategy that could threaten the race winners. He pitted for super soft tyres and was way quicker than the leaders.

On top of that, Rosberg and Verstappen were catching Hamilton and despite the Brit saying before the race that he wouldn’t back up Rosberg into the pack… he backed Rosberg into the pack.

Hamilton knew he needed Rosberg behind Vettel and Verstappen and was almost cruising in the final few laps to keep the top four within just a couple of seconds.

Fans were going nuts, and so were Mercedes, who were not happy with Hamilton’s tactics.

It was all in vain though as Rosberg remained in second, enough for the German to claim his first world championship.

The podium was unsurprisingly pretty awkward and Rosberg admitted those final laps were not very enjoyable at all…

Regardless of who you support, it was one incredible way to end the world championship and kept our hearts pumping to the very last lap of the race.

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