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The Five Coolest Red Bull Show Car Runs

Red Bull recently let Max Verstappen loose in one of their show cars around an Austrian ski resort but it wasn’t the first time the team have taken their F1 car onto some unusual terrain.

Here are five places an F1 car should never be… but they sure did look cool!

On sand

When you go on holiday somewhere like the Dominican Republic you want to spend it on the beach, so that’s what Jaime Alguersuari did in the RB6.

On top of the Burj Al Arab

Not so much of a show run but more a show spin. To celebrate their fourth drivers’ and constructors’ titles in 2013, David Coulthard did donuts on the Burj Al Arab helipad in Dubai, the seven star hotel that’s 210 metres above the sea.

At 18,000 Feet

If you thought the previous one was high up its nothing compared to when Neel Jani took the show car up the highest motorable road in the world in Kashmir, India. At 18,380 feet it was the highest an F1 car has ever been… and you thought that record went to Mark Webber at Valencia 2010.

In Parliament Square

Traffic is a bitch in London at the best of times but somehow Red Bull still managed to get an F1 car onto the streets of London for a pit stop in Parliament Square. No word on whether Mark Webber had to pay the Congestion Charge for this one.

Through the Lincoln Tunnel

Remember when Bernie was desperate for that race in New Jersey? Well David Coulthard went to check it out in the RB7. Even cooler though was when DC drove through the famous Lincoln Tunnel to New York and did some donuts in front of the Statue of Liberty.

What was your favourite show car run of recent years? Share it in the comments below.

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