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Five Crazy Facts About Catalunya

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has the local flag closest to a slippery surface flag but here are five even sillier facts…

The biggest ever Paella was cooked in a 21m wide pan, 222 of those would lap once around the track.


A real bull could run a lap of Catalunya in 8:43.688.


For each lap of the circuit a dry tyre will make 2,245 rotations, totalling 148,173 rotations in the race.


If you had 2,630 Pedro de la Rosas just lying about they could lap once around the track lying head to toe.


If the track were 5cm deep in water it could fill 12,700,000 cans, enough to tower up to a height of 1463km, almost the length that the Proclaimers would walk.


Thanks to Mark Lovas and Ashley Peterson on Twitter for some of the ideas for stats.

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