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Five Crazy Facts About Circuit Of The Americas


USA! USA! USA! Circuit of the Americas has the stripiest run off in F1, probably, but here are five even stupider stats that you probably won’t know.

You would need 78,757 ring doughnuts in a line to make a lap of the Circuit of The Americas.

doughnuts with sprinkles

You’d need 48,258 Big Macs to lap the track, but if you wanted to completely cover the track with them you would need a massive 6,378,678 Big Macs.


If bullets could turn corners, a 9mm round could lap the track in just 12.927 seconds.


It would take 575,155 cowboy hats to completely cover the track and keep half a million Texans happy.


The 6.3 million Big Macs mentioned earlier would weigh a total of 1,365,009kg. That is the same weight as 1,975 current Formula One cars or half the mass of the Saturn V rocket.


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