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Five Crazy Facts About Interlagos


Interlagos has the err, most colourful kerbs in F1..? But here are five stats about it that you probably won’t know.

Brazil is known for its footballing talent, you would need a line of 19,586 footballs to lap once around the circuit.


The largest bird in Brazil is the Greater Rhea, a flightless bird similar to an Emu or Ostrich, it could run a lap of the track in 4:42.044

Greater Rhea 4

If you had 2,380 Ronaldinho’s lying head to toe around the track it would lap around once.


Ayrton Senna first won at Interlagos in his McLaren MP4/6, you would need 6,329 of them to cover the Interlagos track surface.


Emerson Fittipaldi’s 70s sideburns are around 3 inches long, you’d need 56,548 sideburns to lap around Interlagos and 31,168,495 sideburns to completely cover the track.


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