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Five Crazy Facts About Yas Marina


Yas Marina has the most brightly coloured and phallic shaped hotel in F1, but here are five equally useless stats that you probably won’t know.

If you were to cover the Yas Marina track with 1kg gold bars you would need 24,298,750, costing a total of £605,648,044,662.50.


A professional racing camel could run a lap of Yas Marina in 8:19.860, almost five times slower than an F1 car.


44,626 sets of Pirelli Supersoft tyres (178,503 tyres in total) is enough to cover the track with rubber.


To completely cover the track 5cm deep in sand you would need 485,975,000,000 individual grains of sand.


Bernie Ecclestone likes saying stupid things, so it seems fair to make a stupid stat with him. 3,494 Bernie clones lying on the track would lap around it once.


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