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Five Things Learned From The F1 2014 Video Game Reveal

F1 2014 Screenshot

Codemasters finally broke their silence yesterday with news of not one but two Formula One games. They’re still not revealing much, with only an 80 second video and a short blog for us to go on, but here’s a list which might give you more of an idea of what the game will be like…

It’s going to be on old-gen

F1 2014 screenshot

The big question has been answered, but is it good or bad news that F1 2014 is coming to old-gen consoles only. Fans with shiny new Xbox Ones and PS4s will certainly be disappointed but it’s not all doom and gloom, as we’ll explain later with the tiny bit of news that’s been revealed about the new-gen F1 game.

F1 2014 then is likely to be F1 2013 with quieter engines, horrible noses and some new tracks. That being said they have mentioned in their latest blog that turning the driving assists off will give you the feel of the massive torque and reduced downforce of 2014 era Formula One, which hopefully provides F1 gamers with a new challenge.

Both the Red Bull Ring and Sochi will feature

Red Bull Ring and Sochi

While the trailer doesn’t show much, it does feature brief clips of the new circuits on the 2014 calendar. The Red Bull Ring – which has featured in Gran Turismo and Codemasters’ own GRID series – is present and so is Sochi International Circuit, despite the Russian circuit still not being finished, but then again neither was Korea when it was used in F1 2010.

You can still play even if you suck

F1_2014-07-10 18-11-47-80_screen_9

Something new that they have mentioned is a new driver evaluation system that can supposedly determine whether you’re a Fernando Alonso or a Pastor Maldonado, and adjust the difficulty accordingly. They’ve even added a Very Easy setting, if you fancy taking Max Chilton to Schumacher-esque dominance.

There’s sadly no Martini Williams

F1 2014

Sadly, the best Formula One livery in years won’t properly feature in the game due to stupid alcoholic advertising laws, because clearly every young kid that supports Williams is now out under-age binge drinking because the car happens to say Martini on it /end sarcasm.

Unfortunately this means those famous Martini stripes in the game instead look like some rubbish toothpaste.

The new-gen game sounds very promising


I’ve always hated the way Formula One games get released so late into the season that within a few months it’s already out of date. With modern games now able to digitally update themselves, it really is about time F1 games started taking advantage.

Thankfully, F1 on new-gen consoles seems to be going in that direction. Codemasters confirmed in their blog that a new-gen F1 game will launch earlier during the 2015 season and then receive live digital updates, with 2015 content being added as the season happens.

Codemasters have kindly offered 6 copies of F1 2014 on release date for our Big Charity Giveaway!

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