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Flashback: Classic Jordan liveries on modern F1 cars

Jordan were known for having some of the best liveries ever to grace the sport. So what would they look like on modern F1 cars? Well thanks to a MOD for ‘Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 4’, we can see classic Jordan liveries on a 2008 chassis.

From the 7up Jordan to the famous Benson and Hedges liveries, click below to see them.

1991 7up Jordan

Considered by many to  be the best looking F1 livery of all time. Jordan ran this green 7up livery in their first F1 season.

1994 Sasol Jordan

In 1994 Jordan ran sponsorship from Sasol, which saw the team use this multi-coloured car.

1995 Total Jordan

1995 saw the team run another multi-coloured car thanks to all sorts of different sponsorship.

1999 B&H Jordan

Since 1997 the team ran in their famous yellow livery sponsored by Benson and Hedges. The team would use a different animal on the car and in 1998-2000 they ran a wasp on the car.

2001 B&H Jordan

Another animal themed design saw Jordan use a shark on their nose-cone but still on the famous yellow livery.



Which Jordan livery do you think would look best on a modern F1 car?

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