Force India Has Given Renault A List Of Instructions For Nico Hulkenberg

Force India has given Renault a list of instructions for how to take care of their departing driver, Nico Hulkenberg.

Aside from a year with Sauber in 2013 Hulkenberg has been part of the Force India team since 2011. As a result they know him pretty well, so with Nico off to join Renault for 2017 they’ve decided to give some helpful instructions to his new ‘owners’.

The references to The Incredible Hulk are obvious, but who knew Hulkenberg was part-Gremlin as well?! It’s been a while since we heard a good Johnny Bravo reference as well.

Luckily Renault already have experience in dealing with a Hulk:

Left: Fernando Alonso. Right: The Incredible Hulk
Left: Fernando Alonso. Right: The Incredible Hulk

Remember, racing drivers are for life, not just for Christmas.