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Former F1 Champ Picks Sainz Over Leclerc As Ferrari Team Leader

It’s no secret that Charles Leclerc is seen as the ‘golden boy’ at Ferrari, but after a series of devastating mistakes, Damon Hill believes that Carlos Sainz should be the Tifosi’s new “team leader”…

The Spaniard recovered from 19th to 5th during the French GP, whilst his teammate yeeted his Ferrari out of the lead and into a tyre wall 😬

This has made many question whether Ferrari should promote Sainz to number one driver status – including Damon Hill.

“Carlos has struck me as actually more of the team leader,” said Hill on Any Driven Monday. “He seems to be more familiar with the strategy. He seems to be able to make decisions.”

“Charles is clearly quick and possibly quicker than Carlos has been in the team, but you know their pit communications. They’re a little bit halfway up the stairs, do you know what I mean?”

Leclerc hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to strategy, with Monaco being one very painful example. On the other hand, Sainz has been a pretty ‘smooth operator’. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

“The potential is huge with Ferrari,” added Hill. “And I think if they can fix these problems, they really will be a threat. If they can do that between now and the end of the season, it could be a very close finish in the championship.”

Should Ferrari focus on Sainz over Leclerc? Or can Leclerc turn it around?

2 thoughts on “Former F1 Champ Picks Sainz Over Leclerc As Ferrari Team Leader

  • I like how Sainz is not afraid to speak up and sometimes go against the team during the race. He doesn’t just do as told and then complain after that it was the wrong call. Twice at least that I’ve noticed, he went against the engineers’ advise and was right.
    That to me makes him a better race driver. Otherwise train a monkey to drive and do as told. Sainz thinks for himself and makes decisions based on how he feels in the car. Engineers have a lot of data but they don’t know what it feels inside the car.

  • Looks like Damon Hill forgot the abysmal start to the season and that even till now Sainz has made about double the mistakes.

    How often has Sainz even been in contention to win? And he looks like Ferraris team leader. Maybe he has a lot of time to think about strategy and have a cup of tea given how slow he is. πŸ˜‚ Unfortunately LeClerc is more focused on driving than other things.

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