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Former F1 Champion Believes Red Bull Are Helping Verstappen Beat Perez

Former F1 Champion Damon Hill believes Red Bull are tuning their car to the preference of Max Verstappen to help him beat out teammate Sergio Perez. 

After Verstappen’s dominant weekend in Canada, the Dutchman has extended his lead in the drivers’ standings, with a 46 point advantage over his Red Bull teammate.

However, up to that point, Perez had looked like the man in form, out qualifying Verstappen 3-times in the last 9 races, which has been unheard of in the duo’s time at Red Bull.

According to Hill, this flip in performance is not down to the drivers and believes Red Bull have “done something” to help Verstappen out.

Speaking on the F1 Nation podcast, he said “Max has found something because he dominated that weekend [in Canada] and with no sign of Sergio looking to be threatening, they’ve done something”.

He added “I get the feeling they’ve done something to help him because he’s not the sort of person who would have taken being out-qualified by Sergio lying down. So I think that they’ve tried to work on giving him what he really needs.”

“And it could be that they’ve helped the front end of the car. It looked like he got rid of some of that understeer, and it could do him wonders.”

Since his win in Monaco, Perez has struggled to keep up with the pace of his teammate, but could we see the Red Bulls clash at the British Grand Prix? 

7 thoughts on “Former F1 Champion Believes Red Bull Are Helping Verstappen Beat Perez

  • Walter Svitras says:

    Well, if they did anything at all, they did it right, or Sainz would have taken the Ferrari speed advantage down the straights and won the race!

    • Harvey Specter says:

      What Ferrari speed advantage? The RB is about 10kph or more faster…. Check the FIA speed trap data; It’s public.

  • Daniel Arismendi says:

    Damon Hill is an empty bag of hot air. I appreciate how much Checo has worked on his one-lap pace this season, for sure, but he’s still not the same caliber driver as Max. Sir Damon has lost the plot.

  • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

    Well that’s kicking in a open door. Off course all drivers are working with their team of engineers to find the optimum setup to find the most pace for qualy and race. Some weekends that works out better for 1 driver and another weekend for the other. it’s not as if finding that right setup for one drivers means a disadvantage for the other, because both cars are setup individually based on the feedback of the driver.

  • Please do not make WTF1 into a tabloid F1 site like how most British media runs their F1 news. So now “improving the car” is a bad thing?

    And how come it is the car when Max outqualifies Checo but it is the driver when Checo outqualifies Max. Damon Hill has a clear bias against Max, he even showed it last year and continues to show it this year in F1 Podcast. Last year he said “No driver intentionally crashes into opponents” when Lewis took Max out but claimed Max intentionally took out Lewis in Monza. Now you see him cheerish every little “loss” Max has, like being outqualified by Checo etc.
    Now Max getting into the pace with the new driving style and his engineers fixing the issues on HIS car (RB didn’t introduce anything so the tuning Max recieved must be on his car only unless Checo wants the same setup as well, or I missed a major upgrade that would make the car undrivable for Checo. Enlighten me in that case), he started huffing on the British copium.

  • Kaipulla Bannerji says:

    What a bullshit topic….looks like from a lady Hamilton fan…..also feels like same thing happening in Mercedes.. helping lady Lewis to overcome George….

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