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Former F1 Race Director Michael Masi Leaves The FIA

It looks like we won’t be seeing former Formula 1 Race Director Michael Masi return to F1, or pop up in any other FIA championships, any time soon!

The FIA – F1’s governing body – confirmed that Masi was leaving the organisation and returning to his homeland of Australia to spend time with his family.

“The FIA confirms that Michael Masi has decided to leave the FIA and relocate to Australia to be closer to his family and take on new challenges,” the statement read.

“He oversaw a three-year period as FIA Formula 1 Race Director and Safety Delegate following the sudden passing of Charlie Whiting in 2019, carrying out the numerous functions he was tasked with in a professional and dedicated manner.

“The FIA thanks him for his commitment and wishes him the best for the future.”

Unfortunately, Masi’s position as F1’s Race Director became a huge talking point during his time with the FIA, with many unhappy with his calls and decisions. This reached its boiling point after the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix when his calls resulted in a very controversial end to the season 😳

After an investigation into last year’s season finale, Masi was dropped from his position as F1’s Race Director and told that he could be relocated to another role in the organisation.

Clearly, he’s ready to move away from the FIA and find a new role back in Australia, where he previously had a significant role in V8 Supercars as their Deputy Race Director.

20 thoughts on “Former F1 Race Director Michael Masi Leaves The FIA

  • whoever read the article and thought it was a good idea to include an emoji in an article about someone losing their job needs to concider a career change. the sport will ultimately suffer from this loss because its become very evident in recent races that his role is difficult to carry even with 2 people responsible. his expirience and training in the role has gone down the drain for a mistake that once the context around it is understood, seems completely understandable. its a shame F1 is crumbling under its own weight when it was finally begining to pick up steam.
    edit – spelling

    • DriveToLive says:

      I agree with everything you said, exept for the “completely undestandable” mistake. It was not.

      • the teams agreed before the race that they didn’t want to end the season under a safety car, even if he had ended the race under a safety car, hamilton should have never kept the lead after turn 2. if you want to go into details, the cars should have all been allowed to un-lap themselves if there wasn’t such a long wait for the safety car but the cars didn’t have enough fuel to do that. the regs did also say it was up to his discretion on how to use the safety car and he used that to give the people and the teams what they wanted and that was an exciting ending to the season. the moment the safety car took too long to come out he was in a catch 22 so at least he went for the option that allowed both sides to fight for the win and merc chose not to pit. this was far from a career-ending mistake.

        • norman connor says:

          No it didn’t, that why he was ousted from the job and the FIA blame it on human error. Masi was the human that made an error. None of the teams agreed anything about safety cars. They did mention Spa with 3;laps behind a safety car to give Max a win, and stated they did not want that. The cars had more than enough fuel to finish. They were on 70% speed for many laps which conserved fuel. Yes his loss may have hindered the sport. He did make many mistake last year and most teams did not want him in charge. Who can blame them when he made a mess of that race all for entertainment purpose. You said Lewis should have gave the lead back. Yet it was Masi who told the team to change position. The same man Masi who you state was good. And Hamilton did build up a sizeable lead twice from max so in all fairness which the FIA and Masi know nothing about. The race should have finished under a safety car or red flagged which would have made Hamilton and Max equal cars to finish 1 lap

    • He didn’t lose his job, he chose to leave FIA. FIA choose to keep him even though he put the entire organisation into disrepute.

      • Semantics dude. He was ousted from his career due to politics and chose to pursue another one. Whether he quit or resigned, he’s still out of a job that he was undeniably the most qualified for.

          • he made mistakes throughout the season but that doesn’t mean he was unqualified for the job. the proof is in the pudding, this season we have 2 people trying to fill his shoes and are failing miserably.

      • Disrepute? For most die-hard Mercedes/Hamilton fans perhaps. How often do yellow flags bunch up the cars and reverse advantages? He favored setting up a race to the finish in Abu Dhabi–BFD–like that doesn’t happen in nearly every race. Race rules leave some room for interpretation. What rule did Masi violate? This is one dominant team getting payback on an F1 ruled legitimate call by a great race director. Good luck can’t always apply to the top performing team.

        • Lord Lambert says:

          For any fan of the sport, it was brought into disrepute. The neutral stance is that Hamilton should have won the final race of the 2021 season because the neutral stance is that the rules were not followed by Masi.
          The ONLY ones that think Max’s championship is legitimate are Max Verstappen fans.

      • Steven Sutcliffe says:

        They only choose to keep him to try and reduce the effect of his removal from F1 race director and the outcome of his actions.
        Max Verstappen should be stripped of his 2021 drivers title, as stated by most race teams in F1

  • Dr Prometheus says:

    For some reason it looks like F1 is now struggling with the rules after Masi left; looks like he was not that bad after all…

  • If Mercedes had continued to take the matter to the courts. FIA have already concluded that procedures were not followed. They would have won the case and had the decision overturned, if it wasn’t for Hamilton asking to drop it. Therefore Max is a false champ

    • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

      For accuracy’s sake. Masi may have made a controversial decision in Abu Dhabi that cost Lewis the race, but there’s been only one race where he actually changed the rules mid race and that was in the season opener in Bahrain.

      Lewis was allowed to run wide out of turn 4 for 30 laps. Pretty much just going flat out, leaving the track by sometimes 3 or 4 meters and gaining a lot of laptime each time. Then when Max was told about this and he started doing it as well it was suddenly no longer allowed.

      If it hadn’t been for that “leaving the track and gaining a lasting advantage” that Lewis got away with (with 0.2s a lap over 30 laps, that’s at least 6 seconds), Max would have caught up with Lewis much sooner and definitely overtaken him as he was much faster at the end and would have had plenty of laps to do that.

      So even if we would agree that Lewis got robbed of the win in Abu Dhabi, then Max got robbed in Bahrain. Take away those 2 results and Max is still very much the deserved champion of 2021.

      • Lord Lambert says:

        This is a flowery reinterpretation of events. Complete trash, naturally, but flowery nontheless.

    • Papaya Madness says:

      They should have restarted Abu Dhabi if anything but it’s about the mentally changed non Europeans and Thier dts

  • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

    The biggest problem with Masi is that he tried to please the teams and drivers too much. And it’s been clear for a while now that neither teams nor drivers are very consistent themselves in what they want.

    Last year the drivers themselves were all complaining that the rules were not clear enough about track limits and that it needed to be simpler. So they oblige and simplify the rule so that the white line is the track limit. Cross it and you get your laptime deleted. Do it in the race and you get 3 warnings and the 4th time you get a 5s penalty. Now they are all complaining that they were too strict again. Teams and drivers just don’t know what they want.

    Last year Masi overdid it with changing back and forth with the wishes of the teams. Wolff even said in an interview that he had lunch with Masi before the finale to tell him how he wanted the race to be run. I mean seriously??? Imagine in football if Carlo Ancelotti (head coach of Real Madrid) would have had lunch with the referee before the CL final to tell him how he would like the final to be refereed. That would have been an almighty riot if that had happened.

  • Ragnar Bezerker says:

    Glad to see him go. He turned last year’s championship into a joke. Wish him all the best in his new career whatever that is.

  • Papaya Madness says:

    Bye masi verstappen, you won’t be missed , although the rot has set in as liberty media were granted the ability to be part of the FIA

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