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Formula 1 Wants Your Opinion On The Potential New TV Graphics

In case you missed it, F1 is toying with the idea of bringing in three new types of TV graphics for next year.

One displays the probability of an overtake happening, another predicts where a driver will rejoin in relation to a rival after a pit stop, and the other estimates the performance of a car at any given time. Here’s how the three graphics could look:

Of course, it’s all a bit more technical than simple guesswork, with machine learning combining real-time and historical data to provide the numbers on the screen.

While it’s very impressive, the question is whether fans actually want that level of insight, or feel it detracts from the unpredictability of sport.

Thankfully, this isn’t the Bernie era anymore and Liberty Media (along with broadcasting partner Amazon Web Services) actually wants some fan feedback on the new graphics. Have some thoughts you want to express? Then go you can do so by clicking here and letting F1 know.

What do we think? They’re a neat idea, but the visuals are a little bit intrusive and obstruct what’s actually happening on-screen. Plus, there is such a thing as having too much information available. It is a sport after all – not knowing what’s going to happen is half the fun.

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