Formula 3 Car Dragged Onto Two Wheels By Recovery Vehicle

Here’s a prime example in how not to recover a damaged Formula 3 car during a session…

Usually marshals do a good job of moving crashed and damaged cars from race tracks during sessions, but this attempt at the Hungaroring wasn’t quite so smooth.

During qualifying for the Euroformula Open round at the Hungaroring, Pedro Cardoso crashed his Formula 3 car at the exit of Turn 4.

The session itself was red flagged to clear the track and his shunted car was attached to a recovery vehicle to be towed away, but instead, it did something pretty strange.

It seems the recovery car went too quickly for the angle it was trying to take the F3 car, and – with the driver still at the wheel – it was dragged onto two wheels.

Cardoso’s F3 machine landed back on planet earth with a bump and he seemed to be OK, but we imagine it didn’t do the car much good.