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This Formula Fusion Video Game Is An F1 Racer From The Future

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Whilst the Formula One of the present day continues to struggle with its own identity, not knowing whether it’s a sport, a form of entertainment, a business, or just Bernie’s personal puppet show, British studio R8 Games has got a pretty good idea of a vision of the future.

Formula Fusion (formerly known as Slamjet Racing) is a futuristic racing game in the early stages of development. From a brief watch of the video it looks a little like the famous WipEout series, and that’s not just a coincidence, as the company is made up of former employees of Sony’s Studio Liverpool (aka Psygnosis) who created the WipEout franchise as well as working on the original PlayStation Formula One games. So you know they have pedigree.

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But another look at the screenshots shows that unlike WipEout or Nintendo’s F-Zero games, the anti-gravity machines in this racer aren’t large spaceships or futuristic industrial vehicles, but more like 1000mph single-seater hovercars, bringing the scale of the game back down and focusing on the drivers and their crafts and allowing for close, white knuckle racing. Some of the concept artwork even shows logos from the likes of Nissan and Red Bull painted down the side of the bodywork.

A Kickstarter for the game will begin in December, aiming for a release in 9-or-so months time.

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R8 Games Ltd

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