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Franz Tost Doesn’t Care About Grosjean’s Moaning

Whenever Romain Grosjean’s team radio pops up you know it’s not going to be the most cheery message. Usually he’ll be complaining about brakes, but today was a little different after he was forced wide at the start by Pierre Gasly.

Shortly afterwards he came on the radio to complain about how Gasly was weaving all over the place and that rookies need to learn that you cant do that in F1. It’s a bit rich considering how Grosjean was in the early part of his career, but anyway.

A bit later in the race, Toro Rosso team principal Franz Tost was chatting to Sky Sports F1 and Crofty asked what he thought of Grosjean’s comments, at which point he unleashed a sick burn.

He said:

“I don’t care about Grosjean, he is always complaining. He should shut off and concentrate on his driving.”

It’s not the first time another team member has got fed up with the Haas driver either.

When Grosjean crashed out of qualifying in Monza earlier this year he said that conditions were too dangerous. Helmut Marko retorted with “If Grosjean falls off that’s no reason to stop a session because we all know Grosjean falls off quite often.”

At Silverstone Grosjean complained that Lewis Hamilton blocked him in qualifying, leading Toto Wolff to say “You should rather look at Grosjean’s track record. He should be happy he is driving in F1.”

So, who’s going to be next in the queue to give Grosjean a bit of a roasting? Place your bets in the comments!

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