This New Formula 5000 Car Looks Like It Drove Straight Out Of The Seventies

While most new racing series (Formula E for example) are created with the future in mind, this Aussie series has a very old school feel about it.

The aptly named Formula Thunder 500 series has a five litre Ford V8 engine, big fat wide rear tyres and a huge seventies F1 style air intake, that makes it look more like a car that should be in the Lauda and Hunt movie Rush.

(C) Vivien Stewart/Formula Thunder 5000
(C) Vivien Stewart/Formula Thunder 5000

The pictures come from a successful shakedown of the new car that will make its public debut at the Muscle Car Masters later this month at the Sydney Motorsport Park.

FT5000 are hoping to run a 2017/18 series that will begin in December and race on circuits in Australia and New Zealand.