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G33K: Grosjean Thanks Video Games for Montreal Podium

Romain Grosjean has paid tribute to Formula 1 video games after his first race at Montreal ended with second place, his best result of the year. The Frenchman of course has never raced there before and stated how video games helped him learn the track prior to his Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve debut.

Like most of us gamers, Grosjean also said the Canadian Grand Prix was his favourite track to drive.

“I think I should say Xbox or Microsoft.” Said Romain Grosjean, when asked if the PlayStation assisted in his strong performance during the race. “It’s true that on a video game it’s my favorite track and looking at it, it’s quite interesting. It’s more bumpy than on Xbox sitting on a sofa, but it’s pretty interesting and when you have a good result in a race, normally you quite like it and so I’m pretty happy about today.”

F1 2012, is set to be released in September this year. So it won’t be a surprise to see drivers getting their hands on a copy to practice the new Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.


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