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Gasly Given Post-Race Penalty For Speeding Under Red Flags In Japan

It was not Pierre Gasly’s race, was it? After starting from the pit lane, he got his view obstructed as an advertising board stuck to his front wing before coming dangerously close to a recovery vehicle on track in wet conditions.

Clearly upset and angry at the vehicle being on track, something he made very clear both on team radio and to the media after the race, it’s now been revealed that he’s received a penalty for speeding under Red Flag conditions during the Japanese Grand Prix.

“The Stewards heard from the driver of Car 10 (Pierre Gasly) and team representative and reviewed video and telemetry evidence,” said the officials.

“After passing the scene of the incident, car 10 continued under the red flag situation, at speeds which exceeded 200 km/h on multiple occasions, and which reached 251 km/h at one point.

“The driver conceded that he now understood that there could have been marshals or obstacles on the track, and admitted that he was too fast.

“However, in mitigation of penalty, we take into account that although the speed could not by any measure be regarded as “slow” as required in the regulations, it was slower that the maximum speed that could be achieved under these conditions. We also take into account the shock the driver experienced on seeing a truck on the racing line in the corner of the incident.”

The offence for this was a drive-through penalty imposed after the end of the race, which is 20 seconds added to his elapsed race time. As well as this, he also received two penalty points which takes him to nine penalty points for the 12-month period. 12 in a year is a race ban.

However, luckily for Pierre, two of those existing points expire tomorrow (10th October 2022), because he received two penalty points in Turkey last year for a collision with Fernando Alonso.

Is this penalty for Gasly fair? Let us know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Gasly Given Post-Race Penalty For Speeding Under Red Flags In Japan

  • Maybe they should just make it so drivers can never go any faster than a certain speed under red flag situations.. Like force drivers to use the pitlane limiter or something, so they cannot go any faster than 60 km/h for example..

    • what… like an electronic braking to force the car to suddenly slow and lose control? What the FIA should have done is when they announce redflag, they should broadcast it to all drivers vocally, so they’d all know immediately.

        • and how are you going to ENFORCE it??? is it a penalty if you haven’t slowed down to the max speed 1 second after the redflag has been indicated? It takes time to slow down you know? and it takes time to react, depending when you see the flags. These are humans we are talking about.

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