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George Russell Had ‘Many Emotions’ Jumping Out Of The Car After Turn 1 Crash

George Russell says he has “so many emotions” after jumping out of his Mercedes when trying to see if he could help Guanyu Zhou, who was trapped in his Alfa Romeo between the tyre barrier and the debris fence at Turn 1. 

In the incident, which caused the race to be red-flagged, Zhou’s Alfa Romeo was sent into the air after being caught between Pierre Gasly and the slow-starting Mercedes of Russell.

Zhou’s car skimmed across the Abbey gravel trap upside down, vaulted the tyre barrier and struck the debris fence before bouncing back to land on its top between the fence and barrier – and Russell was seen abandoning his Mercedes, running towards the trapped Alfa Romeo.

“Glad to see Zhou is doing ok… It’s horrible to see an incident like that,” he told F1TV.

“I couldn’t get any temperature in the tires on the formation lap and I just got swamped by all the cars and next thing I know I got touched from behind, in the side of Zhou and we saw the rest.”

Mercedes wanted George to be able to restart the race after the red flag, as he had only got out of the car to see if he could help and not because he wanted to retire from the race – this is why he waited until the red flags were waived to jump out of the cockpit, he claims. But,  he wasn’t able to restart the car.

“I saw the race was a red flag, so I knew it was safe to jump out and I wanted to go and see if he was ok and if I could have helped in any way. When I came back I couldn’t get the car turned on but there was no reason why I shouldn’t have been able to, because the car was fine.

“I ran back to the team to check and when I came back the car was on the flatbed already.

“As it turns out there’s nothing wrong with the car apart from a puncture so it’s really frustrating because we had the pace to come back, we would have definitely come back to P6 as a minimum. So many emotions.”

Glad to see Zhou is doing well after the incident, thanks to the halo and the heroics of those helping at the track. 

5 thoughts on “George Russell Had ‘Many Emotions’ Jumping Out Of The Car After Turn 1 Crash

  • Excellent maturity from George to show concern for his fellow competitors. It’s so easy for people to forget that there are people with families and friends behind those visors. It’s easy to shrug off F1 drivers as mindless PR robots with superhuman abilities, but that couldn’t be further from the truth,

    • Finally a glimpse of the Russel we’ve seen during his years at Williams. Such a shame that his short time at Mercedes made him wear that arrogant attitude, so it’s indeed good to see him breaking that habbit! fingers crossed we’ll get back the old Russel!

  • Michael Ellyett says:

    Looked to me like George Russell caused the accident in a desperate attempt to make up for unfortunate qualifying and a bad start.

  • Phillip Watters says:

    Historically, it was sometimes necessary for drivers to assist their competitors following a crash but nowadays it doesn’t make sense considering the safety improvements that have been made and the number of track workers stationed around the circuit. It’s great that George cares that much about the safety of his fellow drivers but it was a huge risk to abandon his car like that.

    • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

      He waited until they confirmed it was a red flag and also it was immediately after the start, so impossible for any race cars to be coming towards Abbey at that moment. I don’t think the guys in the medical car that were behind the melee when it happened had registered through all the smoke and dust that Zhou’s car had landed behind the tire wall as they stopped at Albon and Russell. Only when Russell ran towards Zhou, did they follow him there.

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