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George Russell Thinks Red Bull Should’ve Won The Championship Already

It’s a fierce battle between Mercedes and Red Bull this year for that championship crown. In fact, it’s so close there’s currently one point between the two as we head into São Paulo this weekend! Who will come out on top in the Constructors’ Championship? Only time will tell.

Nevertheless, one driver is amazed Red Bull haven’t wrapped up the championship yet, and that’s future Mercedes star, George Russell.

Russell, who will be joining Lewis Hamilton at the team from 2022, spoke to broadcaster RTBF ahead of qualifying and certainly didn’t shy away from sharing his thoughts.

“I mean, I’m sure Mercedes and Lewis are probably more relaxed than Red Bull because, at the moment, it’s Red Bull’s championship to lose.”

“You know it’s clear they have the fastest car this season, and it’s quite incredible Mercedes and Lewis are still in the fight because when you look at the pace, Red Bull should have had this championship already won.

“So anything can happen, and it’s all very close. For sure, Red Bull has a faster car. If they will win is another story.”

Hamilton set the fastest time during Friday’s qualifying session but will have a five-place grid drop for Sunday’s race due to an ICE change. Max Verstappen will line up alongside Hamilton for tomorrow’s F1 Sprint, and we’ve already got the popcorn on standby!

Do you agree with Russell and think Red Bull should have won the championship already? Let us know in the comments.

6 thoughts on “George Russell Thinks Red Bull Should’ve Won The Championship Already

  • Everybody including Russell, seems to forget that the gap between Max and Lewis is only 19 points and not at least 54 just down to pure luck Lewis has had. Luck being outcomes not the result of the skill of either of the two drivers (teams). We all know this part of racing, but it explains how relative small the gap is.

    Before COTA, analist were asked a couple times, if they were in this title fight, which car would they prefer to have for the rest of the season, the RB16B or the W12. Without exception every time they choose the W12.

    (The extra gap between Max and Lewis: Imola +9; Baku +10; Silverstone +17; Hungary +8; Sochi -9)

  • BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ says:

    Don’t fotget midseason rule change for Redbull’s, with in the rules approved, flexi rear wing.
    Redbull would have swiped the floor, if it was not for thr maFIA!

  • Dean Bellingham says:

    What is this with Lewis and Mercedes ppl that keep going on about how Red Bull have the fastest car? Fastest on the straights, or fastest in corners, fastest because they have a great driver? These comments make little sense, as Lewis finishes ahead of Perez regularly, so is it the Red Bull car that’s faster than the merc, or is it max that’s faster than Lewis. Surely as Lewis has just qualified for the Brazilian sprint race 1st, Mercedes has the fastest car?

    • Sergeant Supreme says:

      Not the best argument tbh mate you can do better. If Ham beating Checo is indicative of merc being better I could very easily say the same with Max and bottas. Whoever has the fastest car usually wins and its obvious unless you’re biased to Max. Every race Hamilton has won he had the quicker car bar Bahrain. Same with Verstappen (france the exception). Just that RB have had the better car more often, and the fact that Verstappen is 19 points ahead despite Silverstone proves that. Max has driven more consistently but that’s seemingly not enough for some people and they want to make out like he’s won in a far worse car.

  • Boy George sounding like a proper delusional fangirl. The cry baby knows damn well it isn’t RB that’s faster, it’s Max. The constructors and Perez’s position Vs Bottas is testimony of that. The cars are equal at best. All Boy George is doing here is covering for himself next year and his future employer this year. Just another British weasel.

    • Kenny Phillips says:

      Ad hominem attacks certainly also attack the credibility of those making them. Anything constructive to say? Didn’t think so.

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