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12 Epic Moments That Could Only Happen At Goodwood

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is basically Glastonbury for motorsport fans, with every type of racing car and bike you could ever imagine being driven by world famous drivers from across the globe. This year saw names like Kimi Raikkonen, Valentino Rossi, Ken Block, Richard Petty, and Stirling Moss all heading up the famous hill climb course in front of a huge crowd.

Here are 12 memorable moments from Goodwood that couldn’t have happened anywhere else.

1. Kimi Raikkonen chatting to Ken Block

2. Valentino Rossi riding his bike into a house

3. An 85-year-old legend driving up the hill

4. Jenson Button smiling in a McLaren Honda
(C) Goodwood
5. Kimi Raikkonen smiling… sort of
(C) Sky Sports
(C) Sky Sports
6. Valentino Rossi driving a classic Le Mans winning car

7. Ken Block taking Lord March for a ride

8. A car doing a hill climb on two wheels

9. A massive Dakar truck going flat out


10. A 105-year-old car shooting flames

11. Nico Rosberg and Valentino Rossi eating dinner together off tea trays
(C) Mercedes AMG
(C) Mercedes AMG
12. A NASCAR doing burnouts until it set on fire

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