On the final lap of Sunday morning’s GP3 sprint race, Dorian Boccolacci was trying to pass Alessio Lorandi for seventh place down into turn three (yes, I know it’s offcially turn four now, but that kink on the run up to turn two is not a corner!).

Unfortunately for Boccolacci, Lorandi was moving around a bit in the braking zone and he didn’t quite know which way to go, and ended up just running into the back of the Jenzer Motorsport driver.

The Frenchman ran up over the top of his rivals car and as his car landed it clipped the edge of the gravel, dug in, and was pitched into a series of nasty-looking rolls.

This is one of the major drawbacks of gravel traps for single-seaters – not only can they cause cars to roll over, but there’s also the danger of the roll hoop digging in and causing the drivers head to make contact with the ground.

Thankfully on this occasion that didn’t happen and the car landed safely back on his wheels, and Boccolacci was able to walk away unharmed. Lorandi was also lucky not to suffer more damage in the incident, and he limped home to pick up a point for finishing in eighth.