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GP3 Will Be Getting DRS In 2017

Because junior drivers need to learn that overtaking should just be about breezing past a defenceless rival without any form of skill at all, GP3 will be joining F1 and GP2 by adopting the Drag Reduction System from 2017.

DRS, or as it’s more commonly known ‘Urghhh DRS’ was introduced to Formula 1 in 2011 to help increase the number of overtaking moves and while it no doubt has done that, most DRS passes are exciting to fans as passing another car on the motorway.

Bruno Michel, CEO of GP2 and GP3 said the introduction of DRS to GP3 would “improve the quality of racing” as well as “better preparing drivers for a subsequent graduation to GP2.”

The news also means it’s likely that DRS isn’t going to be scrapped from F1 anytime soon, so you better get used to slam-dunk passes on the home straight, particularly as non-DRS overtakes seem to get penalised now. Isn’t that right, Nico?

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