The Gran Turismo Sport Trailer Is Here

A new trailer has been released showing off the latest instalment in the Gran Turismo series, Gran Turismo Sport.

We know good graphics aren’t the most important thing in a racing game but damn, this game looks incredible! When it’s released it’ll be fully optimised for both 4K and HDR, so if you have a PS4 Pro you’ll get to experience what must surely be the most realistic looking racing game so far. There’ll also be VR features for that added bit of immersion.

GT Sport will be the series’ first entry onto the current generation of consoles, and unlike previous titles will feature a cut back, more focused roster of cars with an emphasis on racing simulation and online features – including the first ever FIA-sanctioned online racing championship.

In recent years however the series has lagged behind more modern titles in terms of the physics and the notoriously bad engine sounds. It’ll be interesting to see what improvements have been made to bring it more up to date when the game gets released at some point in 2017.