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‘Grid Kids’ Will Replace Grid Girls At F1 Races This Year

F1’s decision to stop using grid girls has been a pretty controversial one. After all, how else will drivers know where to go when they’re walking around on the grid?! They’ll get lost, get in the wrong cars and the whole sport will be ruined!

Thankfully F1 has a solution and has announced that it’ll be using children to fill the role instead, both for grands prix and all the support races if possible. F1 commercial boss Sean Bratches said:

“This will be an extraordinary moment for these youngsters. Imagine, standing beside their heroes, watch as they prepare to race, the elite of the elite in motorsport, to be there, alongside them in those precious few minutes just before the start. What an unforgettable experience, for them, and their families.”

“An inspiration to keep driving, training and learning so that they can dream of one day being there themselves. What better way to inspire the next generation of Formula 1 heroes.”

Those selected will either be young fans who are involved in karting or local motorsport clubs, or chosen through competitions. As well as the kids getting to see and stand with their favourite drivers, their families will also get paddock passes for the race.

Now, how can I become a kid again…?

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