Grosjean And Gutierrez Get A Taste Of ‘Murica At Haas HQ – WTF1

Grosjean And Gutierrez Get A Taste Of ‘Murica At Haas HQ

In preparation for their first home Grand Prix, Haas sent their drivers on a tour of North Carolina to do ‘Murican things, like checking out NASCAR and eating food smothered in cheese.

Grosjean and Gutierrez started off with a visit to the teams HQ in Kannapolis before popping into Charlotte to visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the highlight of which was a pit-stop challenge between the two in which Gutierrez somehow doesn’t finish 11th. From there the drivers took in the majestic ‘Murican sight of 1,400lbs of meat being smoked and then enjoying a delicious looking sandwich and some ribs, before heading back to Kannapolis to see the NASCAR HQ. Maybe they shouldn’t do that brake swap, though, judging by how they’ve worked for Haas at times this year.

Also check out Esteban’s incredibly awkward high five attempt at the 3:21 mark – a fitting tribute to that first race at Austin.

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