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Grosjean’s French GP Mercedes Demonstration Is No Longer Happening

It looked set to be one of the most wholesome motorsport moments, but Romain Grosjean’s special Mercedes demonstration in front of his home crowd at the French Grand Prix this year is no longer happening. Don’t panic though, Grosjean will still be able to complete his private testing day in the W10!

As a result of the recent F1 calendar changes, schedules now clash meaning that Grosjean will be committed to IndyCar on the French GP weekend.

With the cancellation of the Canadian Grand Prix, Turkey was drafted in as a replacement. However, with new travel restrictions into the country, F1 has decided hosting the Turkish Grand Prix in June is no longer possible. Instead, they have moved the French Grand Prix back a week and created a double header of races at the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

By shuffling the calendar, Grosjean is double-booked on the June 20th weekend. Not only is it now the French GP, but IndyCar is racing at Road America. Having a contract to race in IndyCar, it’s obvious that his priorities will have to be with the Indy race.

Responding to WTF1 on Twitter, Mercedes confirmed that Grosjean’s “full day of testing in the W10 will still be going ahead.”

“That plan remains unchanged, but the demo laps on the Sunday of the French GP won’t be possible now due to the calendar revisions. But the full test is still happening!”

It’s a great shame we won’t get to see Romain complete any laps in the W10 in front of his home crowd, but at least Mercedes have promised us lots of footage from his private test.

We’re still so happy the test is happening!

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