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New Gran Turismo Track Includes Outrun Style Arcade Mode

Gran Turismo 6 is a massive game. Hundreds of cars. Dozens of tracks. Plenty of options. But what was it missing until now. No, not that… the other thing. That’s right, an Outrun-style checkpoint time trial rally!

Update 1.12 dropped this week and includes the Circuito de la Sierra, a beautiful ribbon of tarmac through the hills and valleys of Southern Spain. Along with it comes the brilliant Sierra Time Rally, a race-to-the-next-checkpoint style event with points awarded for a perfect drive. Net yourself 1,000,000 points in a single 10 minute lap and you’re in for some serious credits. Points are awarded for keeping up speed, overtaking, air time, and completing sectors of the track with time left to spare. The longer you go without hitting a barrier, wall, or one of the Sunday drivers out for a casual cruise, the more your combo bonus will rack up. Spin out or fail to hit a checkpoint in time? You’ll lose points and have to try again.


So head to your garage, pick out something sexy (a little red sporty number should do the trick) and head out onto the open road.


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