Haas Has Revealed The First New Car Of 2018 – WTF1

Haas Has Revealed The First New Car Of 2018

Hands up if you were expecting to have to wait until tomorrow to see the first F1 car of 2018? Well, wait no more, because Haas has sprung a surprise and shown their love for us all on Valentine’s day by revealing the new VF-18.

It gives us a first look at a Halo-equipped 2018 car and also shows off the lack of shark fin and T-wing, both of which have been banned for this season.

The team has gone back using more white on the livery (similar to how it looked in 2016) and the overall effect actually manages to hide the Halo pretty well.

Seeing it on track might be a different thing entirely but going by these images, it looks pretty damn good! What do you think?

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