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Haas Have Lodged A Protest About The Results Of The United States Grand Prix

Ah, finally, a race where we know the result once the chequered flag- huh? What was that? Haas are protesting the race result. Oh ffs.

That’s right, the American team aren’t at all happy with the result of the United States Grand Prix and will be protesting the results. Their driver Kevin Magnussen finished in P9, with Mick Schumacher in 15th, so finally, some points for the team, but all is not as it seems.

Haas are protesting the result of the race due to the fact that neither Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez received a black and orange flag for damaged cars during the race.

This is something K-Mag has been a victim of several times this year, most recently in Singapore, and Haas aren’t happy that other teams and drivers aren’t receiving the same treatment.

Perez had his front wing endplate damaged in early contact during the race with no black and orange flag shown, whilst Fernando had a very loose wing mirror through a large chunk of the race after contact with Lance Stroll. Both of these bits of damage came off eventually, but neither were shown the ‘meatball flag’.

In a recent development, the FIA has found there to be a case so both Alpine and Red Bull will be required to visit the Stewards’ office at 18:15 and 18:45 local time.

This is a developing news story and will be updated.

8 thoughts on “Haas Have Lodged A Protest About The Results Of The United States Grand Prix

  • Doctor Funkopolis says:

    “We called Alpine and Red Bull in to explain why we didn’t do something”

    What in the world can the teams do?

    • Call the drivers in themselves. But Haas is just doing this to punish the stewards because they feel like they had been unfairly treated. It’s hard to disagree with them about that when you see how other drivers can get away with it. They want clarification.

        • Toto doesn’t work for Haas? Toto has nothing to do with this. Unless you have some inside info to share

          • Yo Yo Mani Singh says:

            Chris must be an RB Fan, they see Toto everywhere, all the time! Paranoid delusions, stop smoking crack bro…

      • Yep. Watching the race, I immediately thought they were going to call checo in the way they had K Mag earlier this season. And then they didn’t and the endplate flew off, the exact thing the black and orange flag was supposed to avoid.

        There’s no way they’ll change the results, but I respect Haas trying to prove a point.

        • Marius Franzén says:

          Even as a Haas fan I think the checo incident was acceptable. It felt a bit irritating, but it flew off after like one or two laps, right? At least in Singapore they waited a couple of laps before calling KMag in, so I think this was fair.

          But watching that mirror flop about without anyone doing anything pissed me off lol

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