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Haas Reveals 2017 F1 Livery Change With Even More Grey

It’s not often we see F1 teams making livery changes mid-way through a season but the Haas outfit has opted to make some modifications.

Following on from the new driver name and number rules, Haas want to make their colour scheme more “visible” and have tweaked the livery.

It will debut at the Monaco Grand Prix and be used for the rest of the 2017 F1 season, ditching the red elements previously seen.

These have now been replaced by light grey, with the only piece of red now being the accent mark at the back of the car – which has been on Haas F1 machinery since it debuted back in 2016.

The shades of grey on the car are really starting to add up now…

While it takes some colour away from the VF-17, it definitely makes the driver names, numbers and the Haas logos stand out.

Haas is currently eighth in the constructors’ standings, after a decent start to 2017 for the American outfit.

The team has picked up two eighth place finishes, with Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen scoring one apiece, and a 10th so far.

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