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Hamilton Couldn’t Resist The Opportunity To Have Another Cheeky Dig At Rosberg

For some reason, every now and then Hamilton likes to drop hints that he could retire soon. But with Michael Schumacher’s records now suddenly looking like a realistic target he seems pretty keen to carry on and keep on winning.

That’s very much unlike his former teammate Nico Rosberg, who decided that one title was enough and retired days after achieving it.

Hamilton still seems to be a little bit miffed that he didn’t get the chance to get back on top of Nico, and every now and then throws a bit of shade his way. After winning title number four in Mexico he did it again, saying:

“Obviously each year I could do the easy thing which is stop and retreat like Nico did with these four titles, but I think there is more in me. I think there’s more to come, more of a challenge, as there’s harder times ahead and I like that, I love that, that’s challenging.”

Not the most subtle dig ever, is it? And Nico is so happy for him as well!

Lewis also said that of all his titles, this has been the hardest to win:

“Yeah, I definitely think this has been [the hardest]. They have all been different in their own way. 2008 was very tough. The following years have just been different. This year, being in a position to really lead the team and help drive, motivate and direct the car exactly where I want it to go in its development, alongside a great team-mate and fighting against a great team in Ferrari with the highest decorated, or was the highest decorated driver in the sport – we are now both – was a massive challenge I was looking forward to.”

So, despite having a teammate he can easily beat, a much happier atmosphere in the team and an slightly unreliable Ferrari as his main rival, he feels this year was more difficult to win than when he had to beat Rosberg? Ouch. Sounds like someone might still be a bit salty!

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