Hamilton Has Had His Dog’s Sperm Frozen – WTF1

Hamilton Has Had His Dog’s Sperm Frozen

First there was the Verstappen Chop, now there’s the Roscoe Snip. No, this isn’t some kind of new racing move that the FIA have clamped down on, but rather Lewis Hamilton has had his dog Roscoe neutered.

But instead of making Roscoe childless for life, Hamilton has chosen to play his ‘eccentric Englishman’ card and have some of his sperm frozen so that Roscoe’s pedigree bulldog genes can live on in future generations.

Apparently ‘complications’ were the reason for removing Roscoe’s manhood. We wonder how many of those ‘complications’ are running around as we speak?

Come on Lewis, giving him a ball after the procedure he’s just had – rub it in why don’t you!

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