Lewis Hamilton Suspended By Mercedes After ‘Fracas’ With Engineer – WTF1

Lewis Hamilton Suspended By Mercedes After ‘Fracas’ With Engineer


The Formula One World Championship has been blown wide open today as championship leader, Lewis Hamilton has been suspended from his Mercedes team after a ‘fracas’ with an engineer.

Hamilton was apparently angry over the decision to use the hard compound tyre over the quicker medium tyre during the final stages of the Malaysian Grand Prix. Sources said he was accused of hitting the engineer after the race in the team’s motorhome.


Fans are unsurprisingly fuming about the news. @TeamLH4ever on Twitter said “This is an absolute joke. No Lewis. No Formula One. I won’t be watching again, Bernie,” while @H4M_Til_I_DiE said “Bye bye Mercedees, ur nufink wiv out Louis.”

The shocking news means the reigning World Champion could miss the Chinese Grand Prix next weekend, just as he was set to sign a £30 million-a-year contract with his team.


BBC News

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