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Hamilton Made A Cheeky Comment About Battling With Leclerc At Copse

Lewis Hamilton was back fighting near the front at the British Grand Prix and most notably with Charles Leclerc, with Hamilton much happier with how the pair battled through Copse this year compared to last year with Max Verstappen 😅 

Hamilton brought home a third-place finish this weekend and even thought he could challenge for the win at one stage. The seven-time world champ faced several challenges throughout the race, though.

A slow pit stop meant he failed to undercut the two Ferrari’s before a thrilling battle after a late safety car saw Hamilton briefly in second, then dropping to fourth behind Sergio Perez before then battling Leclerc for third.

‘At the start, we got up to third, and they pushed us back down to fifth, and then I lost ground to Lando, so I spent a bunch of laps trying to get passed him,” Hamilton explained to Sky Sports F1.

“Then the gap was like five or six seconds to catch the Ferraris, but I was doing good times and catching them up. I had a really good long stint, and I really thought, ‘yeah, maybe we can fight for the win here’.

“Charles did a great job. What a great battle, very sensible driver, clearly a lot different to what I experienced last year. Copse, for example, the two of us went though no problem. 

“But what a battle. We had to have the tyre deficit in order to get passed him, but yeah, really, really amazing weekend.”

What did you think of Leclerc’s performance at Silverstone?

11 thoughts on “Hamilton Made A Cheeky Comment About Battling With Leclerc At Copse

  • No problem at Copse maybe because he hold his line this time.. 🙄
    Max left even more space last year.

    • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

      Exactly! If Hamilton had driven the same line through Copse that he did last
      year, the Marshalls would have been prying a Ferrari out of that barrier

      I seriously disapprove of all the booing and even though Hamilton says he disapproves too he is actually fueling that fire between the 2 toxic fandoms with disgusting framing remarks like these. I mean I understand he wants to unsettle Max and Red Bull since they’re nowhere near the pace this season, but all he does is make an already toxic fanbase even worse and ruining it for those fans that prefer to watch without all the booing and cheering when an opponent crashes out. That truly is unbecoming of such a great champion.

    • Nenad Dimitrijevik says:

      Lmfao, Hamilton held his line, doesnt meant it has to be the perfect one but he was holding it while Max tried the cut in front. Need to start watching the sport before spitting nonsense

      • I watch F1 for years now, I look into deep analysis, onboard and how things work.
        If you look on some analysis from last year, you’ll see that Max left the same amount of space as Charles last year and even more than Charles this year. The only difference is that with max, he missed the apex by a meter and half or so.
        That’s why he got a penalty. That’s why I don’t understand his silly comment about that.

  • there’s nothing cheeky about it. it’s a downright underhanded remark from a sanctimonious prick

  • Comments such as these are why Hamilton is hated. He makes these back handed comments and then cries wolf later SMH.

    Max could’ve said the same many times this season when he battled Charles but didn’t 👏👏

  • I’m not British but I’m pretty sure the manner in how it was said was far from what one would define as cheeky.

  • Remember, these cars are a good deal different compared to last year’s cars. Could make a difference in how they behave separately &/or together in the same corner

    • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

      Not really. In a high speed corner the lines you can take through it safely are very narrow. You can go through Copse with 2 cars, but only if both drivers are inch perfect. Last year Hamilton misjudged his speed with the heavy fuel load and shallow angle and understeered into Max. He did show how to take the inside line properly at the end of that same race (in the same car) when he overtook Charles, so it doesn’t have anything to do with the different cars between that race and this one.

      Hamilton simply made a mistake that time, but for some reason he’s not man enough to admit that and is still trying to frame Max for it.

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