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Hamilton Recommends Change To Make Monaco A More Exciting Race

Lewis Hamilton has suggested an interesting change that could make the Monaco Grand Prix a little more exciting…

Speaking to Sky Sports, Hamilton recommended introducing an additional mandatory pitstop to the Monaco Grand Prix. Interesting… 🤔

The former world champion said “I don’t understand why the people who run the sport don’t say ‘okay, this race, let’s not keep it as a one stop it should be a minimum of two or three or whatever, so everyone is forced…like they say to have to use two types of tyre.”

He added, “when you know you only have one stop coming up and you’re hoping that you can jump one of the cars ahead, so then you’re relying on the team to be strategic.”

Having won this special race on three separate occasions, Hamilton is more than qualified to offer some advice on how this race can be made to be a bit more exciting.

“A couple of races I’ve been in the lead and felt I had massive pressure from the car behind and you’re just dying for the race to finish,” he joked.

What do you think? Should Hamilton’s change be implemented for 2023? 

17 thoughts on “Hamilton Recommends Change To Make Monaco A More Exciting Race

  • Geoff Arnold says:

    Since the best solution (make the cars 20% narrower and 20% lighter) is never going to happen, this isn’t a bad idea.

      • Harsh Gupta says:

        Considering the PU will be getting more compact with the 2026 regs, making the car a bit shorter and narrower should be possible. Though I don’t think it’ll be as drastic a change as 20%. Also, I don’t think there’s going to be much of a decrease in weight [if any at all].

    • Daniel Henderson says:

      Like maybe as refueling back so F1 cars don’t need to be built to carry so much fuel.

  • Rusty Scopano says:

    Of course he wants all these stops now that he doesn’t have the absolute best and fastest car on the grid. You didn’t hear any of this for the last 7 years.

    • Deep Sidhu says:

      Im cringing. Lewis has moved onto a seb level/status in which he is experienced and is still a great driver but is not at his best, how are you gonna praise seb for having this behaviour but bash lewis, it’s also “coincidental” lewis is the only black driver, idc if he has a personality you dont like, he puts himself out there and says what he believes, im not a fan of lewis quite the opposite actually but I don’t disrespect him unlike you

    • Ok, if you get a question, then you give an opinion, as someone who has been in the driver’s seat, why the negative attitude. If they want more excitement why not add an opinion instead of looking to criticize Hamilton. Monaco losses the event due to boring races will their be a soultion from all the negativity being spoken. If from a fans perspective these question keep coming up it might just be a possibility FIA is taking a driver’s poll?

  • Aidan Moore says:

    Joker laps, going around the roundabout before the tunnel. Do it x times per race, works like a dumbed down formula e attack mode (only driving off line)

    • You do know, they asked him this question in an interview. All drivers are required to make themselves available to the media.
      Since HAM holds most of the Driving Records in F1 and has won Monaco 3 times, it only makes sense to ask him how to make it a better race.

  • Looks like his elevator chat with Nico Rosberg and his daughters made him rethink his future.
    He was really confronted with a younger person he lost from.
    Enjoying his life with a family.
    While another young rival is waiting outside.
    But his comment is a bit late if this could likely be the last time he drives here.
    Sadly the best racing experience in Monaco is due to the skills and tools of the workers cleaning/repairing damage during red flag situations.
    Something FIA should demand for every race, instead of just money.

  • Adam Barton says:

    It’s a specialist event, so let’s move away from it being a race. Create a live time trial and eliminate a driver every 4 laps.
    Drivers are all on track at the same time. Every 4 laps, allowing for pitstops or to make a gap if needed, slowest car is eliminated, creating a 76 lap event. Bonus points for overtakes.
    Ultimately there’s very little wheel to wheel action in Monaco and the best bit is seeing cars pushing to the ragged edge, this allows for more of it.

      • Adam Barton says:

        I’ve thought it for a while but doesnt seem to go anywhere. I’m not saying to do it for orher races. I like watching cars in Monaco but I feel the race itself is flawed. I feel this covers both options.

  • Jim Whittaker says:

    I’ve been arguing since the 2018 procession behind Danny Ric that the solution at Monaco is simple, move turns 10 and 11 200m further down Avenue J F Kennedy. That is the chicane after the tunnel, and would add an extra 200m of straight to the circuit at minimal cost, while improving lap times. In the early days of Formula E the cars used to turn right after the finish line, drive up Avenue J F Kennedy, and have a hairpin at the point I suggest, which brought them back through the swimming pool section. I’ve written to the Monaco organisers, Martin Brundle, and
    several team social media accounts promoting this idea. Especially after they came with the extremely expensive and stupid idea of extending the circuit with an island loop that only offered more bends and very little actual usable straight. This would ensure that a pit stop for fresh rubber would be beneficial as the superior grip under braking would afford overtaking opportunities after the tunnel. One simple low cost solution offers overtaking and more pit stops, win win!

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