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Hamilton Reflects On ‘Awkward’ Booing He’s Been Receiving From Mexican Crowds

Just imagine it. You spend almost two hours driving your heart out, fighting for a potential victory and risking your life for the entertainment of others, just to get booed at once you’re out of the car. Unfortunately, that was the reality for Lewis Hamilton, who managed to finish in second place at the Mexican Grand Prix. 

Despite the loud negative noise from the crowds when he took to the microphone for the post-race interviews, Hamilton first stated it had “been an amazing crowd” before clarifying that moments had been “definitely a bit awkward this time around.”

“Boos all day, but nonetheless, I have so much love for Mexico and for the people here and what a great race event they put on this weekend.”

It was another P2 for Lewis, who got close to winner Max Verstappen in the first stint but stated that “Red Bull were too fast today” with their better tyre strategy. 

Some social media users seemed to suggest Checo even did a finger-wag to the crowds who were booing in an attempt to stop it.

Is booing ever acceptable at an F1 race?

8 thoughts on “Hamilton Reflects On ‘Awkward’ Booing He’s Been Receiving From Mexican Crowds

  • can confirm the booing was not towards Lewis. Checo’s dad is not liked by many of us Mexicans due to his political standpoint. We know Mexico loves Lewis so this is not towards Lewis at all. Lewis was just unlucky to have Checo’s dad in the same frame. He wasn’t booed last year with the same situation of Checo being behind him. So yeah it seems like it was towards Lewis, but it is not.

    • Apparently it was intended for Checo’s dad, who is a Congressman from the official party, one not very liked by the type of audience at the track. I heard people cheering and applauding Lewis before the race, it doesn’t make sense that they turned on him.

    • I think the fact that it was unclear makes it not okay. I have no problem booing bad politicians, but it looked like poor sportsmanship/like it was at Lewis. I’m glad Checo told them off.

  • James Catania says:

    Confirmed – Checo turned towards the crowd and wagged his finger towards the crowd, makes no sense it was for Checo’s father as they only booed when Lewis started talking.

    • yes, and it was refreshing to see Perez gesture to the crowd, and then it was also refreshing to hear the crowd erupt in cheers just after he did that.

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