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Hamilton Says He’s ‘Never Seen A Car So Fast’ As This Red Bull

We all know the Red Bull is looking extremely dominant this year, but when an F1 driver says they have never seen a car so fast, especially someone like Lewis Hamilton, you know it’s the real deal.

Hamilton finished fifth at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, while Max Verstappen finished second after starting 15th on the grid.

This meant Verstappen had to pass Hamilton along the way and although some fans were expecting a battle similar to what we all saw in 2021, that certainly wasn’t the case.

Verstappen flew past Lewis with ease… (Although it doesn’t seem like Hamilton tried to fight him very much!)

After the race, Hamilton was asked how concerning it is for F1 that Red Bull are so far ahead. They’ve now finished 1-2 in both races this year.

Lewis responded: “I don’t know, it’s not for me to say but I’ve never seen a car so fast.

“That’s the fastest car I’ve seen compared to the rest, I don’t know why or how but he came past me with serious speed.

“I didn’t even bother to block because there was a massive speed difference.”  😲

He seems just as amazed as we are that Red Bull are so far ahead this season.

And Lewis does know a bit about dominant F1 cars after all those years of Mercedes title wins.

But as far as he’s concerned, this Red Bull’s something else.

“When we were fast we weren’t that fast,” Lewis insisted.

Do you think Red Bull are going to be more dominant than Mercedes ever were?


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