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Hamilton Says Verstappen ‘Didn’t Want To Give Way Today’ After Dramatic Monza Crash

It happened again. We can’t believe it, well maybe we can a little. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton came together and crashed when on track in Monza, ending both of their races. Fortunately, both were fine, but the official decision on who was to blame will be decided by the Stewards shortly.

For Hamilton, Max’s car launched over the top of his and MY GOD, are we thankful for the halo and the various safety features in place.

Speaking to SkySports, Hamilton confirmed that Verstappen’s tyre had hit him on the head during the incident but confirmed he’d be “okay”.

Breaking down the step by step of the incident, Lewis was certain that Max “drove into me”.

“Just from what I remember, I was racing as hard as I could. I finally got past Lando. I was in the lead or time-wise, they told me I was in the lead they pitted me. Pit stop was obviously slow. Lost a couple of seconds, a second or a bit, came out and saw that Daniel [Ricciardo] came past and Max was coming.

“I made sure I left a car’s width on the outside for him. I went into Turn 1, and I was ahead, and I was ahead going into Turn 2, then all of a sudden he was on top of me.”

With Max and Lewis having several close coming together so far this season, Lewis was quick to say how the situation was very similar to what we had seen in the first lap of this race, as well in Imola.

“That’s exactly the same scenario that happened at Turn 4. When I went around the outside. I was in exactly the same position. But I gave way. That’s racing.

“He just didn’t want to give way today. He knew that when he was going into Turn 2, what was going to happen. He knew he was going over the kerb, but he still did it. We will speak to the stewards and see, but I don’t really know what else to say.”

Both Hamilton and Verstappen have been called to the Stewards, and we await a decision on the crash.

“I am sure we will talk when we get to the stewards,” Hamilton added.

After the crash, Hamilton looked to be trying to reverse out of the crash, but his attempts failed as the car was pretty much a goner. ‘I just wasn’t feeling great, but I was hopeful to get the car going, but the car was destroyed,” Lewis told F1.

Who do you think was at fault? 

20 thoughts on “Hamilton Says Verstappen ‘Didn’t Want To Give Way Today’ After Dramatic Monza Crash

  • Rhitvik Pasricha says:

    It’s 100% a racing incident which was an amalgamation of several things!

    Max had a disastrous 11 second pitstop
    Lewis finally got past Lando due to less deg
    Lewis pitted and had a longish pitstop
    Finally they came close together and collided!

    Gonna be interesting to see their relationship later on… Spicy final 8 (hopefully 🤞) races ahead

  • Anthony Schroeder says:

    I think this is mostly a racing incident on it’s own merits, but I’m getting extremely fed up with Max’s pattern in all this. He has 0 qualms at all breaking every letter of the rule if it forces Hamilton to give space and compromise his own situation Imola, here and not the only ones, but any time Lewis sets up a situation where Max has to choose to give way or crash, he just throws his blinkers on and goes full send and to hell with whatever the consequences might be.

    The way Max drove last year I got super tired with people saying he had a history of immaturity, but he’s clearly showing it this year with an utter inability to not force the dominant position with Lewis.

    • Oh yeah of course it’s Max his fault, just like in Silverstone.

      Lewis is the one not giving space, and if you do that, you get taken out. Payback is a bitch

      What were his words? “Not going to yield anymore” ? Well this is what you get, and don’t go crying afterwards like the twit that he is.

      • Anthony Schroeder says:

        Max could not have tried harder to crash in Silverstone, but as I said, Lewis set up that situation by trying to bomb.

        However this and that time were both letter of the regulation legal situations (even if Lewis was more at fault for the crash there and Max is way more at fault here). Imola and T4 here were not by any respect, and Lewis, being the clearly more mature driver, didn’t decide to try to take Max out either time and instead compromised his own race giving way.

        But go ahead and talk about karma. That’s a great sign of actual maturity and not showing any sort of malicious intent at all…

        • Suuuure… Silverstone was Max his fault.. that’s why he got the penalty.. oh no.. no no.. wait.. it was Sir Poopypants.

          • Anthony Schroeder says:

            Are you even reading my comments or just pure trolling? “Even if Lewis was more at fault for the crash there”

  • Max being the arrogant prick again, thinking everybody has to get out of his way or else crashing into them. When is the FIA finally stepping in and putting an end to this dangerous mentality?!

    • Dangerous? You mean like when Lewis sent Max to the hospital at Silverstone? It’s a title fight between two drivers that are prepared to fight like hell for every inch of tarmac. What did you think was going to happen?

      Hunt vs. Lauda, Senna vs. Prost, Schumacher vs. Hill. This is what a title fight is all about. There’s no need to resort to name calling.

        • Mate are you inane? Lewis took the perfect line on lap 50 while overtaking Charles Leclerc, at the same corner where he crashed into Max at Silverstone, even though Charles was taking the exact same line as Max, and Lewis was the only difference in both of them. The Silverstone crash was entirely Lewis’ fault, and he only got a 10 second penalty, and at Monza, they gave Verstappen a 3 place grid penalty. MaFIA indeed…

  • Both are to blame, really. Max attacked very aggressively, knowing that Lewis coming out of the pits on cold tyres left him vulnerable. Lewis defended aggressively and squeezed Max onto the kerb. It takes two to take that corner, and neither of them wanted to give way.

  • If Lewis hadn’t dove left across the track as he came out of the pits, Max would have blown past him 1/2 way thru the first corner. Lewis could have stayed right on the track – in the pit lane merge area. So Lewis contributed massively to tieing Max up and creating the incident.
    I’d say it’s 50/50.
    A racing incident.
    2 racers competing as hard as possible.
    Very fun to watch this year!
    As opposed to the last 3 or 4 runaway seasons.

    • Bjorn Theunissen says:

      I can’t agree more with this and it’s sad to see that the fia still does not want drivers to race wheel to wheel. they have given a lot of penalties for racing incidents over this season, take the red bull ring as an example.

  • First of all, super glad the halo exist. Where should max go? Even if he backed out, lewis led him into the sausage curb. The only other option would be to go more right into lewis. For me it was a racing incident. But lewis shouldnt be suprised that max gets launched in the air by the sausage curb. On the other hand max shouldnt be suprised that lewis doesnt give him space, he usually doesnt give lewis space either, for example second chicane im the first lap

    • Anthony Schroeder says:

      Lewis had 5 similarly close interactions with Lando this race, not to mention 10s of others that occured at T1, the right action if he knows he can’t take the lead (which is so obvious even after the race Max said he knew he couldn’t win the corner) is to back off earlier than that. This is a solid 90% Max’s fault, but on the pure merits of the event itself, I have to expect they should call it a racing incident (given the curb unsettling was really the deciding factor).

      • Sascha Hirschi says:

        thats what i meant with the second chicane 🙂 Thats why i meant max shouldnt be suprised that lewis didnt give him space when he doesnt give him space either.

        In my opinion if you have a car alongside you (no matter wich side) and you dont leave them at least 1mm more than a cars withd, either by turning into the corner or pushing the other car of track, you should be penalised for causing a collision even if the other car took the escape road and the crash didnt happen. The result of the incident shouldnt matter, the action should be penalised. With that opinion in mind I strongly believe Max should be penalised for causing a collision in the following races from this season: Imola T1, Portimao T1, Catalunia T1 and Monza T4 (second chicane)

        Monza T1 should be a racing incident because the was probably bearly enough space given by lewis and getting launched by the sausage curb was a weird incident.

  • Verstappen: If gap, car
    Hamilton: How about no
    Watching the replay of that crash, I’m not sure how you can say that’s anything other than a racing incident. When you have two drivers this close together in a championship fight that’s separated by just three points, things will get ugly. I’m just hoping that this is as ugly as it gets

  • It is absolutely Verstappen’s fault. He accelerated into a gap that was not there, and went off track BEFORE actually crashing into Hamilton. It’s a clear cut situation.
    Which of course means the stewards will say it was Hamilton’s fault and give him a 10 place grid penalty next race.
    F1 is such a joke.

    • Phillip Watters says:

      The gap was there until Hamilton closed it up. If Hamilton had been driving responsibly, he would have stayed wide and continued their battle into the next turn. Verstappen didn’t have a choice because Hamilton made it for both of them. Just like Silverstone, Hamilton, being the pompous ass that he is, couldn’t bear the idea of losing so he caused an incident. Then he had the nerve to be upset that Verstappen didn’t check on him when it was clear to everyone that he was fine.

      Max is a pompous ass too but he wasn’t nearly as much at fault as Lewis.

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