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Hamilton Says W13 Is The Worst Car He’s Had Since 2009

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff was full of apologies to Lewis Hamilton after a difficult weekend in Imola, with the Brit believing it’s one of the worst cars he’s had in his career.

The seven-time World Champion qualified in 13th, dropped back to 14th in the Sprint and ended the Grand Prix where he started, having been stuck in a DRS staring at Pierre Gasly’s rear wing for 40 laps.

After the chequered flag, Wolff was quick to apologise to Hamilton over the team radio for the W13’s issues and claimed he deserves better.

“Sorry for what you have needed to drive today,” he said. “I know this is undriveable and not what we deserved to score as a result. So we move from there, but this was a terrible race.”

Last weekend was the first time Lewis failed to qualify or finish inside the top 10 since the 2009 Belgian Grand Prix and it’s clear that Mercedes got their design for the new era of F1 cars very, very wrong.

Russell was equally frustrated with the car, saying that “when the car is so far out of bed and not in the right window, it doesn’t really feel like a proper racing car to drive. Especially when you’re struggling with tyre warm up […] and it’s just a nightmare to drive.

With Hamilton already ruling himself out of contention for the title this year and Russell complaining of back and chest pains as a result of the bouncing, you’d think this was the worst car Lewis had ever gotten behind the wheel of.

Apparently that’s not the case, with the Brit admitting he’s “definitely had lower moments” across his 16 seasons in F1.

“There are people that watch and say I’ve never had a bad car and I can assure you that I have,” he told media, including The Race, after the Sprint.

“2009’s car was very very far off, the worst car that I’ve had. This car currently is not far off that experience. But I think has a lot of potential, as did that car. We fixed it eventually and got back in the game and I the upmost faith that my team can do that here too.”

Are Mercedes out of the championship fight this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Hamilton Says W13 Is The Worst Car He’s Had Since 2009

  • Has Russell’s car been set up that much different? He is not happy with the bouncing too but clearly is doing well with it. If Hamilton just can’t keep up with Russell then its not the car. I’m sure they will be able to figure out how to set it up to Hamilton’s liking but if not he needs to learn to adapt.

    • Fabulous-Arifact-22 says:

      I am not sure. But maybe George’s car has a setup that they were experimenting with and it worked, while Lewis’ car might have been with a setup they know works but it didn’t work.

      • Good interview on a podcast with Albon today. He said the two cars on a team can be completely different. That’s its unfair to compare Hamilton results to Russell’s. I’m guessing his time at RB was proof positive of this. After offing him and Gasly I bet they learned their lessons and spent more time with Perez to set up the car to his liking vs just throwing him to the wolves and say, “Do what Max does.”

        I like Perez but Albon and Gasly are very good drivers in their own right. I don’t believe he is that much better than them but I do think RB spent more time this year helping Perez set up the car to his desires. Its quite possible the set up Merc had at Imola was to help Hamilton and it turned into a disaster. That they left Russell’s in a different configuration. Maybe that is why Toto apologized?

        What a great year for F1. Puzzles to be solved and directions to take. Sadly this won’t be the case as every team starts to dial in.

    • Alfred Stephen says:

      I don’t know about setup difference but their qualifying and sprint result surely don’t show that much of a difference. If you look at how Russel gained his position, I think it’s more of a factor of George being more opportunistic with his driving and his willingness to take a risk to gain position. Hamilton is a more calculated and cautious driver. He would fight for the lead but put him at the back without a car that is vastly superior to those around him (e.g Interlagos 2021) and he’d be less likely to take risk to gain a position.

      • George had good fortune at the start with cars ahead of him going out. Hamilton had to take avoiding action, recovered a little, got a slow pit stop, was cut up coming out of his pit, then got stuck in a DRS train. He hardly ran a lap in clear air.

        Both mercs were slow on the straight, but George, running a lonely race, didn’t have the same need to overtake.

        It was a strong drive by George, but there are extenuating circumstances for Hamilton

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