While other racing series do their best to promote things like Periscope and Snapchats of their events, it appears that no one is immune to the wrath of FOM when it comes to taking video at an F1 race.

Love him or hate him the ‘Lewis Hamilton brand’ has brought plenty of new fans to Formula One thanks to his presence on social media, but now the reigning world champion has received a telling off for his race day Snapchats, as Hamilton revealed “My team has informed me that this is not allowed.”

Hamilton clearly forgot this is a sport that has taken down YouTube videos from fans sharing their F1 experience from the grandstands. It seems that photographs are OK but the second you hit that record button, even if you’re not even filming the actual race, you’ll face a talking to from Bernie and his crew.

He’s not the first driver that it’s happened to either. Romain Grosjean was excited to share his experience of his new Haas machine only for FOM to ask the Frenchman to take down his Facebook videos.

*sarcastic clap*