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Hamilton Strongly Hints That He Would’ve Won 2021 F1 Title If Team Exceeded Budget Cap

Who knew there could be so much drama surrounding a budget cap? After rumours circulated in the paddock last week about two teams potentially exceeding the limit for the 2021 season, and all of F1 Twitter becoming professional accountants in the process, Lewis Hamilton has now given his take on the scenario. 

The FIA issued a statement saying that the results of the ‘analysis of the 2021 financial submissions’ will now be posted on Monday 10th October and not before the Japanese Grand Prix as planned. These documents will be able to tell us if any teams have broken their budget cap, and we’ll learn of the sanctions for doing so.

If paddock gossip is to be believed, it’s suggested that Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin are the two teams who have exceeded the limit – something both teams strenuously deny. 

“I remember last year in Silverstone we had our last upgrade, and fortunately, it was great, and we could fight with it,” Hamilton told Sky. “But then we would see Red Bull every weekend or every other weekend bring in upgrades. They had, I think, at least four more upgrades from that point.

“If we had spent 300,000 on a new floor, or an adapted wing, it would have changed the outcome of the championship, naturally, because we would have been in better competition in the next race you had it on. So I hope that that’s not the case, for the sport.”

Although it’s not yet confirmed which, if any, teams exceeded the cap, we hope that the FIA take the relevant action. For an offence that is considered “minor”, which is going over up to 5%, the potential penalties include:

  • Docking championship points 
  • Public reprimands
  • Suspension from one or more “stages” of a competition
  • Limitations on the ability to conduct aerodynamic or other testing
  • Reduction in the cost cap

“I do believe that Mohammed (Ben Sulayem) and the FIA will do what is right with whatever they find out,” Hamilton, a seven-time champion, added.

For now, though, fans have more waiting to do until they see what the outcome is!

48 thoughts on “Hamilton Strongly Hints That He Would’ve Won 2021 F1 Title If Team Exceeded Budget Cap

  • Lord Lambert says:

    IF Red Bull have breached the cost cap, the only acceptable punishment is a docking of WDC points from Verstappen and Perez.
    Verstappen’s 21 title legitimacy is already non existent on shaky ground… if RB have breached the cap and he keeps it STILL then it just adds even more to the stain of that years finale.

    • They can only have influence on RB’s constructor points and corresponding prizemoney.
      And please stop constantly going there and questioning last years WDC, if we were to investigate every single little detail Hamilton would lose out massively as his points from Imola and Silverstone would be annulled.

      • Well that’s wrong for a start as part of the punishment they are able to deduct points from both constructor and drivers so get your facts right first 👍

      • Lord Lambert says:

        Nothing you just said is true.

        1- they absolutely can dock WDC points. Every bit of info that has been released shows this. It is only RB copium that contradicts it and… well that ain’t worth anything at all.
        2- It is not a question, it is a fact. The question has already been answered. Max’s title is illegitimate.
        3- If every stewarding decision was to be revisited and judged fairly, then Max would lose the championship as he would have clocked an actual penalty in Brazil, been black flagged from Jeddah, and wouldn’t even be starting in Abu Dhabi because of a race ban. But, as Max is the most protected driver in the stewards room and has been for his entire career, he got away with that without any meaningful penalty at all.

    • OK, I say dock 3 points and get done with it. Also while at it, how bout take away 2008 Lewis title at McLaren which was right after Mclaren scandal?
      Even Mosley said that should it be any other team than McLaren, it would ‘ve been banned for 2 years but well , we all knows how it goes for British teams and F1 ,right ?

      • Lord Lambert says:

        You say that, but like every other word of your comment, it’s pretty stupid so I’ll just ignore that.

        • Someone who says that is ignoring someone and yet answers to said someone , comes as an utter idiot. Reflect on that while you are thinking about answering.

          • Lord Lambert says:

            No, it is recognising the baselessness of your comment and having enough free time to spend 10s on a response. It ain’t that deep, fella. Just like your knowledge of F1.

          • Actually the argument is sound. You just wish it to be a baseless one and you claim it to be one. Not just that but you claim to be ignoring me but your ego disallows you to. Keep it up, your lower intellect amuses me 🙂

          • I see what you think you mean. It is entirely divorced from reality but you know, maybe eventually you will stumble onto a good point. I won’t be holding my breath.

      • Richard Hobbs says:

        You do realise how dumb it would be to remove Lewis’ ’08 title, right? The FIA checked and double checked that car for any parts that were taken from the Ferrari documents, nothing was found

      • Lord Lambert says:

        Everyone who cares more about F1 than they do about Max’s statistics is still “salty” about what happened in Abu Dhabi.

  • Also interesting to note that those alleged cost cap breaches could have been leaked by a close friend of Toto, a woman who was working at Mercedes just before going at the FIA recently. It doesn’t mean Red Bull didn’t cheat and should be punished if they did, but the drama might evolve in a new direction if it appears that Toto has his own guys leaking him some juicy bits at the FIA…

    • Lord Lambert says:

      Mattia Binotto has been talking about this for months. Toto only responded to rumours, he didn’t start anything at all.
      RB fanboys really are so obsessed with Toto it’s embarassing.

      • .. and LH fanboys really still crying over Abu Dhabi…even LH himself has put that behind him, but you can’t. Shoulda, coulda, woulda…

        • If you wanna trigger a hambot, just answer “Cry more” to them when they refer to AD2021 and watch the fireworks. LOL

        • Lord Lambert says:

          Recognising the indisputable fact that the final lap of Abu Dhabi were run illegally and that therefore Max is an illegitimate champion doesn’t take being a Lewis fanboy. It is the neutral position held by everyone that isn’t a delusional toxic Max fanboy.

          • Illegally according to whom? It’s very easy for you to use such words, with no source or simply because you read that someone else posted it on social media. If it was that “illegal” it would have not been the case. Not a Max fanboy.


            If there is a toxic fan-base, it would be LHs. All of you praising him, like he is god. We see how he is getting beaten by Russel every weekend, so either Russel is a GOAT^2 (to the power of 2), or Lewis was just a bit better that Bottas and sat in a HAAS with Max he will be much slower. He has simply had a maaaasive amount of luck throughout his whole F1 career, either safety car deployed at the perfect time for him to box, or the Merc was more durable than the Ferrari. 2008 he ended Kimi’s race because he was not paying attention to the light at the end of the pit and what did he say: “I apologise, IF i cost him the race” how narcissistic is this sentence please…so no, he no role model by any means, hence I don’t understand his whole fan-base.

          • Lord Lambert says:

            According to everyone who has read the rules. There was no provision for the way the safety car was used in Abu Dhabi. That you don’t accept that fact is not my problem.

            And hardly, the most toxic fanbase that has ever been in F1 is Max Verstappen’s and it really, truly is not even remotely close.

          • *According to everyone who has read one page of the rules* there I fixed it for you I admit I also have not read all 89 pages, but from the some I have read, there is plenty room left for agile interpretation of the rules, hence we will never know. Even civil law has loopholes, no legal document is loophole proof.

          • Lord Lambert says:

            If you keep repeating that obvious BS long enough maybe even you will start to believe it. Standard Max copium though, isn’t it? Does it hurt, intentionally lying to yourself just so you can pretend Max’s championship is legitimate?

          • What happened in Abu Dhabi was against the rules and a disgrace for the sport across the board. I honestly feel bad for Max that he won his first championship in that way. I have many, many issues with Max, but he is an exceptional driver and it sucks that what should have been an amazing moment for him was tainted when he did nothing wrong.

            But let’s be clear. Luck doesn’t make you a 7 time world champion. Of course you’re going to give your rookie a more consistent car and give your proven champion more experimental things (as they have said) because you know for a fact that Lewis will get the most out of the car and you know what feedback he can give you. Luck is a part of every driver’s career, both good and bad. But none of that takes away from what Lewis has achieved.

            Yes, he has said narcissistic things. every driver has. none of them are perfect role models, this is a cutthroat sport where you have to fight tooth and nail from childhood to get ahead.

            Let’s be additionally clear. There is massive toxicity in the F1 fanbase at the moment. (Austria, Zanvoort, Silverstone, Monza, etc.) The FIA and each team and driver need to take a more active role in building an appropriate community. And we have to acknowledge that a decent portion of that toxicity is toward Lewis from Max ‘fans’. And I would argue that Max hasn’t done enough to address that and in fact has done quite a bit to spur it on (his response to the Piquet incident, him from a few years ago saying there was no point in telling fans not to boo, etc.). No one person is responsible for all of this, and ‘fans’ are responsible for their own actions. And there is a dynamic here that is real and dangerous. Let’s also be very clear: the sheer racism that we have seen from people claiming to support Max is disturbing. More needs to be done because people are getting hurt (see: Austria as a clear example)

            Support who you want, dislike who you want. This rivalry has opened new doors of toxicity that we have not been prepared to face. But we have to.

      • Funny because I’m not a Red Bull fan at all. And yes, you can get information about Shaila-Ann Rao, former Mercedes legal advisor for Toto Wolf that has joined the FIA as one of the highest ranked officer in June 22. Trying not to see potential conflicts of interests between FIA and some teams is embarassing.

  • Well Mercedes definitely did their part to contribute to RB going over budget, with LH crashing MV at Silverstone, costing the team around 3.000.000 and then Bottas kamikazeing both RBs at Hungary 😀 so I guess that was their initial plan, if we can’t beat them, then let’s crash them so they go over budget….

    • 1. there is absolutely no evidence that this was deliberate, so I’m not even going to legitimize that by attempting to refute it
      2. I’m sure that every team has a budget built in for repairs. If you don’t, then that’s poor planning on your part because anything can happen in this sport.
      3. We don’t even have confirmation that RB went over budget.

      • 1. I did not say it was deliberate, but you subconsciously already try to justify the crash lol
        2. For REPAIRS, not for building new cars every race. If you think they have planned 3.000.000 USD/race for repairs, you are delusional. I have even now checked some estimations and a whole new car could cost around 15 MILLION EURO, so only that is 10% of the budget. Do you assume staff salaries arent included in the cap?

        3. Sure

  • Alan Holloway says:

    Maybe a lifetime ban for Christan Horner being principle of a team that clearly cheated. Bit like they gave briotori a lifetime ban. Then just deduct all points gained so far from this year’s championship for both drivers too.

  • @disqus_j48KlW4jG7:disqus are you like the social media justice warrior of Mercedes 😀 13 comments in the past 2 hours, I hope they are paying you good money for this 😀

  • I would love to see what a public reprimand looks like.
    “Team X has been very, very naughty! The sneaky little buggers thought they could get away with it, but we caught them and thought you should know about it!”

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