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Hamilton And Vettel Say F1 Cars Need To Change

After another boring as hell grand prix, it wasn’t just the fans who were unhappy with Formula One as two of the biggest names in the sport spoke out about what changes need to be made to make races exciting again.

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, who have seven world championships between them, both said F1 needs an aerodynamic overhaul to allow drivers to be able to race each other, something we don’t really see much of these days unless it’s raining or your name is Max Verstappen.

“The big bosses make the decisions and whether or not they make the right ones for many years, who knows,” said Lewis Hamilton after the race. “Something’s got to change y’know? I guess for fans it’s probably not too exciting to watch.

“Of course, it’s always nice when you’re at the front, as we have been for some time now – but still, being able to race is what the rest of the field is probably what fans want to see. That’s probably a change that would be looked positively on.”

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Sebastian Vettel shared Hamilton’s opinion and suggested what should be done to see better racing in F1.

“I think in general what we need to follow another car closer in medium speed, high speed, slow speed corners is more mechanical grip,” suggested Vettel. “So shift the percentage between aero – mechanical more towards more mechanical.”

Of course it wouldn’t be a proper F1 rant without having a go at the Pirelli tyres…

“How to do that? I think we need better tyres that allow us to go quicker,” Drivers want to be quicker. So, I think the solution is very simple,” said Vettel.

“Unfortunately the sport is very political with different interests from different people. Yeah. I think it’s fair enough to give whoever tyre manufacturer, in this case Pirelli, the chance to improve their tyres – but we need to run. But since the responsible people, the teams, whoever, can’t agree on something, it will be difficult to make progress.”

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