Hamilton Went To A Firing Range Because He's Training To Be In An Action Movie

Watch Lewis Hamilton undergoing some tactical weapon training as part of an apparent desire to star in an action film

As boring as it can be for us fans, the off-season is a chance for drivers to get up to the things they really want to do without having to worry about travelling to and from races, or performing less-than-interesting sponsor and media duties. For instance, Valtteri Bottas did a spot of rallying and Charles Leclerc went skydiving (apparently without telling Ferrari).

Hamilton’s idea of a good time is to live out a dream of being in an action film and so he spent a day learning how to use a handgun - apparently as part of his training for an upcoming role.

It’s either that or the Mercedes factory has a massive Nerf battle planned for a couple of weeks and he wants to get a leg up on the competition.