Have Your Say ‘ABCDEF1’ 2022 Hungarian GP Edition – WTF1

Have Your Say ‘ABCDEF1’ 2022 Hungarian GP Edition

Fans of the WTF1 Podcast will know all about ABCDEF1. After the race, the team give their rankings for each driver, but we also want to hear from YOU!

Submit your grading using the poll vote below, with A* being the best and F being the worst. Tune in to the WTF1 Podcast to see if you agree with Matt, Tommy and Katy!

Let’s begin.

3 thoughts on “Have Your Say ‘ABCDEF1’ 2022 Hungarian GP Edition

  • BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ says:

    We need a new graduation, A*plus, for Max, starting 10th on the grid, having a 360° spin and still wins the race with 8 seconds, with the car that was not the quickest this weekend!

  • I know that might sound ridiculous but should Charles think about
    switching teams? I mean this problem isn’t new they did this with
    Alonso, Vettel and now with him. Vettel even did his own strategies
    because he was so fed up with it. What good is it to drive for a team
    that is capable of winning but won’t win a title because its strategies
    are horrendous? I’d love to see Charles take Seb’s place at Aston. Their
    strategies are good and with their resources and how the car is
    developing at the moment, I think they may be able to compete for a
    championship in the next 1-2 years.

    • Szchmo // Backhand_Duck45 says:

      Not sure of the 1-2 years, I’d say at least 2-3 for AMR to be up there.
      If everyone gets a grip of their cars this year, next year’s grid will be a lot tighter.
      Ferrari seem to be imploding every other week, which isn’t going to help Charles with his title chances. He’s nearly 4 race wins behind now, and that’s assuming Max doesn’t score in the races CL wins, which from a neutral perspective, doesn’t look likely.

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